denise Releases poltergate & Offers FREE Bass XL With Every Purchase


denise has a few deals on offer for Black Friday, including the new poltergate plugin (intro sale), a free plugin (with any purchase), and multiple discounts.

poltergate, the not-so-typical noise gate, is usually €99 and has a limited-time introductory price of €59.29.

But wait, that’s not all! You can get an extra 20% off in the Denise Black Friday sale, saving you a total of 52%. That means you can buy Poltergate for just £47.43 (prices include VAT).

I know you’ll be thinking this must be the end, but no, there’s more! You’ll get a free copy of Bass XL (€29 retail price), and that extra 20% discount turns to 35% if you buy two plugins. Not enough? Forget 35%; how about 50% if you buy three plugins or more.

There’s a slight (absolute) chance I was trying to sound like the commission-leading salesman from a home shopping channel. Joking aside, poltergate seems like a serious plugin.

So, it’s a not-so-typical noise gate, and I say that because it does more than just open/close the gate, but let’s start with the basic functions. You can set the Threshold and Return (-72dB to 0dB), as well as the Floor (attenuation applied when the gate is closed, Attack (how quickly the gate opens), and Hold (how long the gate is fully open after the signal crosses the Return).

You can also set the Release (how fast the gate closes after the Hold time) and Lookahead to allow the gate to open before the Threshold is met to preserve transients.

Then we get some very handy functions that go beyond basic controls. First, you get Denise’s built-in side-chain EQ that allows you to be far more surgical. Next is the Spike control that boosts the attack (spikes) in the side-chain signal so you can more accurately set your Threshold and Return.

poltergate is also a transient enhancer and “debleeder.” So, you’re kind of getting three plugins in one, but each section compliments the last.

In the Dynamics section, you can do things like boost transients, boost and adjust sustain Attack and Duration, and add a clipper or limiter.

In terms of the number of functions/features, poltergate has plenty. In terms of applying it to real use cases, it seems there are plenty of those, too. It could be anything from fattening your drums, removing cymbal bleed, isolating instruments to create sampled loops, or removing unwanted breaths from vocals.

The list could go on, and if Poltergate lives up to potential, it could be awesome.

I also like the name, and the Bleed shall not pass tagline, but if you’re looking for a movie reference battle, bring it on, denise!

poltergate is available in 64-bit AU, VST, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS and Windows.

More info: denise (up to 50% OFF, FREE Bass XL with any purchase)

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