Black Friday 2021 Deals (For Music Producers)


Black Friday 2021 is less than a week away, and the music software deals are already here! As always, BPB listed the best Black Friday discounts and freebies for music producers. The article will be updated daily until the end of November.

The list is organized into four sections: Software Deals (featuring discounted VST plugins and digital audio workstations), Soundware Deals (featuring sample packs and Kontakt libraries), Hardware Deals (studio gear and hardware instruments), and Freebies.

The no-brainer deals are highlighted in red, and our favorite discounts are highlighted in yellow. Expired deals are crossed out.

You are more than welcome to share your favorite deals and offers in the comments section below (thank you! ❤️). The best ones will be added to the article.

OK, let the Black Friday 2021 season on BPB begin!

FULL DISCLOSURE: This article contains partner links.

Software Deals – Black Friday 2021 💻

Soundware Deals – Black Friday 2021 🔊

Service Deals – Black Friday 2021 👓

Hardware Deals – Black Friday 2021 🤖

  • offers 15% OFF on thousands of new, used, and vintage pieces of gear during Reverb’s Pre-Black Friday sale. From November 15th to November 21st, find deals on gear from brands like Fender, Ibanez, Gibson, Boss, Ludwig, Zildjian, and more.
  • offers the Mystery Box, which could be the perfect Holiday gift for musicians.
  • Perfect Circuit offers numerous Black Friday deals on studio gear and a 10% OFF discount on select non-sale items.

Freebies – Black Friday 2021 🥳

  • Adobe offers the first month of Adobe Stock for FREE! Their free collection is continually growing and currently has more than 800,000 assets.
  • Plugin Boutique offers a FREE plugin of your choice (AAS Sound Bank, Mastering The Mix LEVELS, Heavyocity PUNISH Lite, or United Plugins Autoformer) with any purchase until November 15th, 2021.
  • BABY Audio Parallel Aggressor is FREE with any paid purchase at ADSR Sounds until November 30th, 2021. Read our in-depth Parallel Aggressor review.
  • Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic is FREE with coupon code BX-FOR-FREE until November 24th.
  • Waves Audio will release a FREE plugin on Black Friday. Sign up today to receive the freebie on November 26th!
  • Tension Cinematic FX sound library by Ghosthack is FREE for a limited time only at Audio Plugin Deals.
  • IK Multimedia Syntronik Pro-V is FREE with the latest edition of Beat magazine (€4.99).
  • Fruit Shake by In Session Audio is FREE until November 24th. Thanks to BPB reader Christian H. for the info!
  • Sound Collective (available for Novation and Focusrite customers) offers Fuse Audio Labs Bucket-500 and VPRE-2C for FREE until December 16th. Thanks to BPB reader Wing Yee for the info!
  • World Colors Clar-Duduk by Evolution Series is FREE for a limited time only. Fully compatible with the free Kontakt Player plugin.
  • Unison Free Black Friday Pack contains 465 samples, MIDI files, and presets. Thanks to BPB reader Arshan for the info!
  • Analog Delay ($24.94 value) by PreSonus is FREE with coupon code “BPMCreateAnalogDelay” for a limited time only. Thanks to BPB reader Jeffriezal for the info!
  • Riemann Hard Techno 1 (€29.95 value) is FREE for 48 hours only. The deal expires very soon, so hurry up. Thanks to BPB reader Goehner for the info!
  • Function Loops offer a FREE collection of 100 sound effects. More info: “Several techniques were used to create this unique sample pack, including capturing foley in nature and in-house, modulation, automation, and a bunch of sound design using hardware and software. 100% original and never heard before, plus royalty-free. :)”
  • The Sample Pack Maker released five FREE sample packs (Speak & Read, The VHS Noise Collection, The Analog Cat Drums, The Analog Percussion Wolf, and The Vinyl Crackles Collection).
  • Hip Hop Sample Pack Bundle by Cymatics is FREE until Black Friday. Thanks to BPB reader Alekz Satt for the info!
  • Tech House Real Percussion is a FREE sound library by One Man Tribe (Black Friday Freebie). It contains 87 loops and 88 one-shot samples.
  • MFreeformAnalogEq by MeldaProduction is FREE with any purchase at AudioDeluxe. The offer ends on November 21st. Thanks to BPB readers Javier and Christian H. for the info!
  • Found Sounds From Mars ($29 value) by Samples From Mars is FREE for a limited time only. Thanks to BPB reader Indus for the info!
  • Loopmasters KHORDS ($89 value) is FREE when you subscribe to Loopcloud’s one-year plan. The offer ends on December 6th.
  • Sonuscore Phrases Compilation is a FREE (for a limited time) sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt. It features six different instruments (cello, violin, dong xiao, duduk, and lute).
  • Echo Sound Works offers four FREE sample packs as Black Friday 2021 Free Gifts. Thanks to BPB reader Arshan for the info!
  • Cybersynth Soundscapes (€15 value) sample pack by Ghosthack is FREE for a limited time only.
  • Riemann Industrial Techno 7 sound library is FREE for a limited time. Thanks to BPB reader Jiri B. for the info!
  • Berzerk distortion by Waves Audio is FREE for a limited time only via Black Ghost Audio (link in the YouTube description). Thanks to BPB reader PureFire for the info!
  • Cinematic Downfalls ($19.99 value) sound library by Keepforest is FREE for a limited time. Thanks to BPB reader Tim for the info!
  • Drum Injection (€23 value) drum sample collection by Diginoiz is FREE for a limited time only. Thanks to BPB reader Gery Z for the tip!
  • HOT! LoFi Pitch Dropout (€75 value) by Yum Audio will be 100% FREE from November 26th to November 30th.
  • HOT! Lofi Space ($99 value) is this year’s Black Friday freebie from Waves Audio.
  • Digital Synsations by UVI is FREE with any purchase at Audio Deluxe. Thanks to BPB reader Indus for the info.

So many Black Friday deals already, and this is just the beginning! 🤯

The article will be updated daily with new Black Friday 2021 VST plugin deals, special offers, and freebies.

You can post your favorite offers and discounts in the comments section below. The best ones will be added to the article (thank you for your support!).

Stay tuned for more epic freebies this Black Friday and Cyber Monday season.

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Tomislav is a content creator and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Thanks so much Tomislav & BPB.
    Great news about all of these deals, with so many quality products on offer. I appreciate your great work, many thanks 😊☘️❤️

  2. I think it’s important to say that Reason is giving to everyone that subscribe to his newsletter a free copy of Waves Berserk :D

    • Man, I really wish plugin creators would all make it a point to allow you to customize where plugins and their content are installed to. Half of the time, I find no option for it in any of the installers or plugin managers, install, and am left to search all possible install locations to cut and paste it into my plugins folder. If this is somehow too much to ask, at least tell me where your plugins install to so I can actually use them, lol. How neither of these is a standard is beyond me.

      The fuel for this comment is the fact that I installed Berzerk and didn’t see it show up in Ableton Live. Well, took me a while to figure it out, but there’s an entirely separate “WaveShell” version for it (v13) compared to the one for my OneKnob Wetter and Phatter (v12.7). Was getting worried that I wouldn’t be able to try it, but I guess I only had to move that new WaveShell file to my plugins folder. Again, I really wish this were more streamlined. Not everyone wants to have to dive into Program Files/Program Files x86/ProgramData (yes, I’ve had plugins install to any and all of these in different cases), check the Steinberg folder, check the VSTPlugins folder, check the VST3 folder, then check for the same in the Common Files folder within the 3 aforementioned Program Files/Data folders. It’s unnecessarily tedious.

        • Alright, it just fixed itself. Wish I could delete the comment I’m replying to and this one. Admin/Moderator(s), you have my permission (request if anything) to remove this and the previous comment. Sorry for the clutter.

  3. I believe Ugritone has also better deala then this you’ve mentioned. I’ve bought their drum sampler for less then 20 $. It’s great

  4. With regard to the Sound Collective freebie, when you click “Learn More” on the Fuse Audio Labs giveaway deal it takes you to a previously expired deal (Sound Collective: LoFi Pitch Dropout). Disappointed really. Fuse Audio Labs have EXCELLENT products.

  5. Diamond Symphonic Orchestra caught my eye, in fact, I learned about the deal while picking their freebie sample pack (good marketing). I’m wondering why they about to remove it, including downloading links? Any info on that, anyone?

  6. It would be good if it could be noted if a freebie has been given away before. Waves Berzerk has been free before, and also freebie “Fruit shake” is a golden oldie (maybe In Session will give it away every November ?)

  7. Output has their complete product bundle on sale through their website for 35% off the normal (that is, discounted) bundle price. If you already have Output stuff, completing your bundle also gets the 35%.

  8. Presonus is giving away Analog Delay with the use code coupon “BPMCreateAnalogDelay”

    ☺️ Exclusive limited time only


  9. I might be stupid as a tea-leaf travelling through India, yet I can’t get the Reason(Studios)+ $1/3months-deal to work. It asks me for a registration-code that I didn’t recieve! What am I doing wrong?

  10. Do you think IK will increase TS 3.5 Max discount nearer to/on cyber Monday?

    Previous years have had bigger discounts?


  11. Michal Ochedowski


    I have to say, that authors made it very easy to spot the best deals in the list above. The red color is especially handy. Thanks for making our lives easier.

  12. Plugin Boutique added 2 more free with any purchase plugins including those listed above, so that makes them 6 until 30th of November. (The Orb by Audiothing and PolyComp by Audiority)

  13. There is a new freebie for those who joins Rigid Audio mailing list: Drum 1 for Kontakt features “64 raw and crunchy synthetic drumkits”

  14. Another big deal is Cymatics–There’s a $3 flash sale on many of their packs for about another day, and up to 75% off the whole store. Furthermore, if you spend $100, you get a $50 gift card (all this stuff I’m getting directly off their site). I got 7 of the $3 packs and have been pleased so far.

    • Thanks for the info :-)
      I input my E-mail yesterday, but have yet not received a link 24 hours later, anybody else experiencing delays?

  15. Black Rooster Audio sent out emails with discount codes for their individual plugins. 70% off their newest ones, and 90% off all their other ones. Nice deal if you aren’t interested in their All bundle.

  16. Frozen Plain update their sample engine “Mirage”. Check it out with the free Music Box Suite

  17. Jiri aka Rivermint


    Thank you very much Tomislav, I ended buying a lot of products at Plugin Boutique (awesome deals) and I got all 6 freebies. This is crazy Black Friday, lets say Im ready for new music production with all the plugins. I thank also to the various readers pointing at interesting freebies. As I said this Black Friday season is crazy. Im happy, but my wallet is not so much. But hey, great deals. A little distraction and pleasant in the cruel Covid world. Thank you

  18. Plugin boutique

    – Relab Development up to 74% off.
    – Cableguys up to 43% off.
    – Zynaptiq up to 59% off.
    – Kilohearts 40% off phaseplant
    40% off toolbox ultimate
    43% off phaseplant + toolbox professional
    35% off phaseplant + toolbox starter
    – Tone Empire 70% off.
    – Beatskillz up to 89% off.
    – Kuassa up to 72% off.
    – Resonance Sound up to 80% off.

  19. Audiolatry cut price in half on their new rompler RetroVibes, now costing $3.5

      • Now the price is even lower: BF Secret Code: RetroVibes VST/AU Plugin Only $2.80
        Use this secret coupon code: bf60 at the checkout (use it for you and your close friends only).
        I reckon BPB are close friends so I share with clean conscience :-)

        • Jiri aka Rivermint


          You are right Numanoid, 2.80 USD is the price. I bought that after receiving the email from the creators. Yes its secret deal between the friends as they state. I really like Retrovibes plugin, its great rompler and it have the sound. For synthwave its really optimal and inspirative.

      • You’re welcome! Haha yeah when I saw it I immediately came here and posted. It has been offered so many times tho (I don’t think there is a person that doesn’t have it), but can’t complain as we can use it as a ”Free Update Plan”. Thank you too.

        (Sorry for my bad English)


  20. From now until November 25th, you can get Waves’ $99 Berzerk Distortion Plugin for FREE when you sign up to the Black Ghost Audio mailing list using the link (on youtube).
    (Delete the space between h & ttps):
    h ttps://
    A helpful video too 😊

  21. Hey! Could you include PreSonus Black Friday Deal on your list. 30% off Studio One, PreSonus Sphere first year Annual Memberships, and Notion.

  22. Any news on whether Roland Zenbeats Ultimate Unlock is going on sale? Or are they trying to force everyone into a yearly subscription?

  23. I just saw (because of the freebie) that on the evolution:devastated warzone free edition is working in kontakt player.
    I don’t find it anywhere else, sorry if it is a well known info.

    According to the website, the risenge free edition is also working in kontakt player, but they didn’t send me activation code for that, so I’am not sure.

    • This looks very interesting. I got a serial number (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX) when I input the free order, so this should work in the free Kontakt Player

  24. Thomas Schieppati


    Tokyo Down Labs has all the plugins on sale on their site for 40%, on pb there is also molot ge at 70% and on audio deluxe there are kotelnikov ge and slick eq m at 80%

    • Note that this is not a new offer, I thought I had an overview of Zampler freebies, but this has been out a couple of years

  25. Wave Alchemy Sale: 90% off! £270.00-90%= £27.00. (Black Friday Time Limited Deal – ends 10 Dec 2021)
    ESSENCE is a strictly time limited release for Black Friday 2021. This collection will cease to exist and never again be available after December 10th, or once 2,000 licenses have been sold – whichever comes first!

    Download 500 FREE samples from ESSENCE at the top of this page

  26. Hi, i just wanted to mention that DankVerb Full (150 impulse responses) by PerforModule is at 50% via Isotonik Studios with code BLACK50. (other isotonik products too)

  27. offers 80% on all Sample Packs with code BF2021 on check-out. Price range 0.80 – 4.00$ in the sale.

    They are a small new label, so I think they’d appreciate a lot if you could put them on your list <3

  28. Saschart release free dualReverseDelay: a dual plugin both as two sets of knobs (one per channel) and as two directions: reverse and forward

  29. When you realize that the comment section is longer than the article :-D just kidding… It’s great to see everyone chiming in for our goals to be achieved a bit easier. Hope you have a great December and would like to connect with people that feel the same way on Discord or Reddit.

    On another note, Ghost Hack has an advent calendar and is giving out gift packs everyday for 23 consecutive days. Here is the link:

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