Komplete Now Is A $9.99 Subscription From Native Instruments


Native Instruments launched Komplete Now ($9.99 per month), a subscription-based music production software collection for producers and beatmakers.

Komplete Now is a collection of virtual instruments and audio effects developed by Native Instruments, available as a monthly subscription. The subscription costs $9.99 per month (or $99 per year), and new users can get a three-month free trial by signing up before January 10th, 2022.

The collection includes some of Native Instruments’ most popular production software titles. It comes with Massive X and Battery 4 virtual instruments, Raum and Replika effects, as well as sample-based instruments like Retro Machines MK2 and Play Series.

This is just the beginning, as the Komplete Now collection will continue to grow. Native Instruments plans to expand the subscription service with more virtual instruments, effects, and sound kits.

Check out the demo video below to hear some of the included software in action:

So, is Komplete Now worth your money?

I’ve never been a fan of subscriptions (I’m on the verge of canceling Netflix, to be honest), but a collection like Komplete Now can be a good starting point for beginners. If you only want to check out Native Instruments plugins without paying full price, a low-cost subscription like this one is a good solution.

Here’s how Native Instruments describe Komplete Now:

“A curated bundle of essential, on-trend instruments and effects for chart-topping productions. Whether it’s pop, hip hop, or drill, KOMPLETE NOW gives you the mainline to radio-ready sound. We’ll keep adding to KOMPLETE NOW, with new preset drops, sound packs, and effects, so your toolbox keeps growing.”

And that 3-month free trial is definitely worth considering. If you happen to like the included NI software, you can extend the subscription or purchase some of it separately.

It will be interesting to see if NI will follow up with a pricier subscription that would include more (if not all) of their software. For starters, Komplete Now seems like a good deal for beatmakers who want a taste of Native Instruments plugins.

More info: Komplete Now (starting at $9.99 per month, get a FREE three-month trial by signing up before January 10th, 2022)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Hate it. Doesn’t seem worth it, especially with the limited offerings at launch.

    The only way I see a subscription working is if they offer the same style that Plugin Alliance does – give you everything (even if it is everything in Komplete 13 Ultimate) and include all new plugins as they become available. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  2. Thanks so much Tomislav 😊
    Just to let you know, Plugin-Alliance online mastering is now free, you get 16Bit / 44.1 wav’s & you can also enable ‘beta’ functions in your account for more choice of mastering styles.
    h ttps://www.mastering.studio/

  3. antti maatteri


    funny how they never get it :D.
    stay with your elite 1k bundles…
    and i must admit i was intrigued from the headline which sounded like my plugin alliance bundle.
    but when i saw the “curated” content i got that joker laughin crawling up.
    after all these years i never get it how this company with these awesome products wasnt able to
    pack one single touching bundle that tickled my interest.
    i stay hardware ni user only further more i guess

    • it’s not that bad,the problem is,komplete now only provide stuffs close to the collect set(which is about $100 in discount).they even don’t give you kontakt full ver. so dont pay for it.

  4. yet another company trying to rinse their customers for all they’re worth. it’s a trap to ensure you have to keep paying them or lose your work.

  5. Absolutely against this BS !!!! I bought Komplete Ultimate 11 and then Upgraded to Komplete Ultimate 12 Collectors edition plus a few more add ons so I could own everything I would ever need and not live in fear of losing any of my sounds or my work because the company decides to pull something off the market which I like !!!! I like to own my products, not rent them !!!! Also perhaps one day I won’t be making as much money, ( which is defiantly the case now with the COVID BS where I have lost 90 percent of my income and could not afford Jack Squat if I hadn’t had the foresight of buying my things when I could afford to do so ) and and even currently I would not be able to afford a subscription based model nor would I want to even get it as I wouldn’t want to rent my sounds etc !!!! This is typical of the greedy tech industry at the moment who wants to enslave you forever on this kind of BS model just as ADOBE did with its software however AFFINITY which is up and coming in that space and just as good if not better in my opinion offers there products as normal, buy it once and its yours upgrades included until the next major release and they don’t rip you off like ADOBE does… Same thing will happen to you NI if you force everyone into this kind of hell !!!! Typical of the new investors that apparently came in June 2021… have no clue of the company and its clients, just wants to suck all your money out of you without giving any thought or consideration to the feelings of there loyal users and they will pull whatever they want off the shelf if they so choose to and there isn’t a thing you can do about it !!!! I have absolutely no interest what so ever in ever being apart of this corrupt business model !!!! BAD MOVE Native Instruments !!!! NOT IMPRESSED, NOT HAPPY AT ALL !!!!

  6. I wonder if there’s any guarantee that what they offer will never be removed from the service. Their stressing of “on-trend” instruments and effects sounds like I may open a song file one day to find that the synth I love is missing, etc.

    • Michal Ochedowski


      Printing to audio is a future proof solution. I don’t even trust simple format .dll plugins, that they will load indefinitely in my system. One day I will have to update the OS. At the moment I believe that wavs are more reliable than plugins.

  7. Michal Ochedowski


    Meanwhile Steinberg is giving away their LoFi Piano. Installation of free HALion Sonic SE 3 is required.
    h ttps://www.steinberg.net/vst-instruments/lofi-piano/

  8. Sampleson did good move! NI should learn… check this out:

    “(…) we added the alternative to rent our instruments until you pay the full price. This allows you to enjoy the full instrument right away. You can also cancel at any time.
    Now you can have Fire Piano Bass for only $2.90 a month (per 10 months).
    And Akoustic Synth for only $6.90 a month (per 10 months).
    Once you pay the retail price the license is yours to keep.
    I hope you use this opportunity to start your Sampleson Collection :)
    Happy jamming!

    • Several companies use that rent-to-own model on Splice.com as well (Arturia, Xfer Records, D16 Group, Izotope, etc.) It’s a good way to make expensive plugins more accessible and may even limit the appeal of piracy. Really hope it becomes standard (in addition to demoing and buying outright).

  9. To be honest we have plethora of free Sounds and samples available all over the internet… The Cymantics ultimate soundfont collection , 99sounds of BPB, Bandlab and so on… Moreover we have a brilliant free synth in Vital with plenty of presets… Each and every DAW except Reaper comes witg plenty of Sounds… Me being a Studio One user with 40GB content I never felt a need… The only sound pack i bought is Xpand2 for $5 which is a great value…My point is there is no need to buy a sound in today’s age..

    In a mixing perspective I do like Subcription models of Plugin Alliance and Slate Digital … I may buy one of those when I start making money from music…

  10. the only way subscription models make any sense is if it’s a RTO style program. otherwise it’s just companies spinning the fact that a subscription model works amazingly well for them. same business model that gyms have been using for decades. only with this stuff it’s more like having memberships at a dozen different gyms. It’s just gross. And I like NI and their products. But yeah this popular shift towards subscriptions is just gross.

  11. Now I am even happier that I recently replaced Battery with Speedum :)
    I hope I will find something similar to replace Kontakt also in the future.

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