Waves Audio VU Meter Plugin Is FREE @ VSTBuzz


VSTBuzz offers the VU Meter Plugin ($49) by Waves Audio as a FREE download until December 17th, 2021.

Is this the first time the VU Meter Plugin from Waves Audio is offered as a freebie? If someone has this info, please let me know in the comments section. I think I remember covering it in a freebie article some time ago, but the BPB search doesn’t give me anything useful (and btw, using BPB search feels kind of like using a search engine for my brain, lol).

Anyway, what’s important is that the VU Meter Plugin is now free for a limited time at VSTBuzz. It typically costs $49 (currently on sale for $14.99), so this is definitely a nice freebie offer.

The plugin itself is straightforward. It’s a simple virtual VU meter without any bangs and whistles.

Why use a VU meter when your DAW has state-of-the-art digital peak meters on every channel and the master bus? To put it short, a VU meter provides a more rounded measurement of your channel’s peak volume. It comes closer to how we actually hear audio than what the peak meter might suggest.

As a result, using a VU meter for gain staging and managing your audio levels could result in a more balanced mix. Of course, it’s just another visual aid, and you should always trust your ears before making the final mix decisions.

The interface mimics the look of analog mixing consoles, and I like it. There’s really not much else to say about the plugin; it’s simple, it works, and it looks good.

I know that there are several other VU meter plugins out there, some free (like the mvMeter and VU Meter by PreSonus) and some paid (PSP VintageMeter). But, getting the one from Waves Audio for free is obviously a good deal, as long as you’re OK with the Waves Update Plan (WUP).

“Mix and track in your DAW using the industry’s classic metering method, in order to help you achieve optimal levels, sufficient headroom, and a clearer mix.”

To get your free copy of the VU Meter Plugin, visit the promo page linked below and complete the free checkout process.

A valid email address is required for registration, and you’ll need to install the Waves Central software manager for activation purposes.

More info: VU Meter Plugin (FREE @ VSTBuzz)

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  1. Is there any reason this would be better than Stereo Channel from Sleep-Time Records? That one has served me well for years. Any major difference?

  2. There is one reason why Waves’ meter is a bit better than others: Its needle is moving very smoothly. That’s actually my main issue with other VU meters out there. If developers make a plugin strictly for the eyes then they better make the animation great. As much as I admire Tony Frenzel from Klanghelm…his VUMT isn’t really smooth. Waves’ is, and I hate saying this.

  3. No, its not the first time.. Waves already give away this vu meter multiple time.. The first time on it released day. 😊

  4. This plugin has expired as a free download when you follow the link provided. – however its Dec 16th. the article says the plugin expires on Dec. 17th. :(

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