All The Samples From Mars Bundle Is $39 For A Limited Time


Samples From Mars offers a massive discount on the All The Samples From Mars ($39 sale price) bundle with 56 GB of sample content.

All the Samples From Mars bundle is essentially an “everything bundle” by Samples From Mars. It includes 66 sample packs that add up to over 56GB of content. Usually, the combined cost of these packs would be $1,834, but right now, you can grab the lot for just $39.

The collection includes every single pack that Samples from Mars has ever created (doesn’t include future releases). It seems obvious, but we’ve all seen “everything bundles” that should have been named the “some things bundle”, the “not-quite everything bundle,” or the “everything but the best stuff bundle.”

Samples from Mars kept things honest by including every single release in the All The Samples From Mars bundle.

There are far too many sample packs to discuss individually, but it’s fair to say the bundle offers a diverse and well-thought-out range of sounds.

If you like vintage drum machines, you’ll find loads of samples of the most sought-after units. But, the bundle goes beyond that, into acoustic drums, acoustic instruments, vintage synths, and more.

Samples from Mars even put together samples from various ambient sounds like rainfall, thunder, traffic, etc.

The variety of sounds ticks the first box for me if I consider buying such a vast bundle. I’ve in no way been through all or even the majority of sounds in this bundle, but there’s something I like more than the variety of sounds/instruments. It’s the range of styles and emotions covered throughout the bundle.

There’s something for most moods, from happy/energetic, to aggressive, to melancholy.

From what I’ve heard so far, there’s great stuff for old-school Hip Hop, EDM, Funk, Cinematic music, and more.

I can’t say cinematic without mentioning the epic Inferno SFX pack from Flame Sound, too.

I haven’t heard enough yet to say I like one particular sample type best, but I’m loving the more industrial-sounding stuff right now.

Of course, it doesn’t matter how many samples and how many instruments, if the quality isn’t good enough. I haven’t had any complaints about quality so far, and judging by the amount of time and effort put into creating these packs, I don’t expect that to change.

Samples from Mars pride themselves on providing 100% hardware processing (no plugins), which will please many people, I’m sure.

The Everything Bundle also includes the “most comprehensive collection of drum machine MIDI grooves” ever made, which could be very useful.

These samples are ready for any 24-bit WAV compatible DAW or sampler. That means Logic 9 upwards, Ableton 9.7 upwards (not Lite/Intro), Kontakt 5.6.5 upwards (not free), etc. For the complete list, check the website.

It’s hard to complain at $39; this pack could get you through project after project.

More info: All the Samples From Mars ($39 for a limited time only)

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