Waves Renaissance Bass Is FREE For A Limited Time! (OFFER EXPIRED)


Waves Audio (in collaboration with Devvon Terrell) offers the Renaissance Bass ($79 value) bass enhancer plugin as a FREE download for a limited time only. The offer expires in less than 48 hours! UPDATE: The free download offer has expired.

Renaissance Bass is a popular psychoacoustic bass enhancement tool developed by Waves Audio. It combines multiple techniques under the hood to deliver a richer, warmer, tighter, and perceivably louder bass sound.

The plugin takes advantage of several psychoacoustic phenomena to enhance the processed bass track. Most importantly, it adds harmonics to the fundamental frequency, thus making the bass sound more “present” even on lower-quality speakers.

Despite its advanced algorithms, Renaissance Bass is easy to operate. Use the Freq slider to select the target frequency and adjust the level using the Intensity slider. The input and output volume meters provide an easy way to prevent clipping.

You can see Renaissance Bass in action in the tutorial video below.

Here’s more info from Waves Audio:

“The industry’s favorite plugin for delivering a richer, deeper low end that translates even on small playback systems. A tried-and-true workhorse for countless Grammy-winning engineers.

When you need your bass to be heard even on a laptop or mobile device, Renaissance Bass is your best friend. Using Waves’ patented MaxxBass® psychoacoustic technology, R-Bass accurately reproduces low-frequency content on playback systems that cannot physically handle these signals.”

To get Rennaissance Bass for FREE, visit the promo page and click the GET FOR FREE button.

This giveaway is a collaboration between Waves Audio and Devvon Terrell.

Please note that you’ll need to sign up for a Waves Audio user account to get your free license. Also, Waves Central is required for activation purposes.

UPDATE: Our readers are reporting that the offer has expired.

Download: Renaissance Bass (FREE for a limited time)

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  1. Tomislav Zlatic


    Thanks to BPB readers Aris, Loaded Head, Frank, Jeffriezal Jaafar, and Chokatha for the info about the R-Bass freebie!

  2. That’s an amazing freebie!
    I’ve got it already with Renaissance Bundle but I guess now it will be updated to version 13 ;)

  3. I got this free as far back as 2013, but it is good to get it renewed to stay update with Waves updates

  4. If you missed offer try getting Trash2 and do similar trick. Multi band distortion on Trash² in the bass frequency with filtering can give a similar effect. Maybe a BPB expert can make and share preset for this on the Trash2?

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