Tahti Is A FREE Browser-Based x0x Groovebox


Tahti is a free browser-based x0x drum sequencer with patch saving, sharing, and WAV exporting capabilities.

I don’t typically feature browser-based music instruments on BPB, but Tahti Studio totally blew me away, so I’m making an exception here.

A few months ago, Tahti Studio developer Max reached out to ask if he could include the BPB Cassette Drums as the default sample content for a web-based drum machine. The instrument was still a prototype back then, but I absolutely loved it.

Tahti Studio is super straightforward and easy to operate, but you can go crazy with customizing each step and adding tiny variations that bring sequenced drum samples to life.

Each step is fully customizable, from changing the pitch and sample offset to applying effects and modulation. And that’s just scratching the surface. You can apply the changes manually or use randomization to come up with unexpected results.

All this lets you twist and mangle the loaded samples while creating complex and constantly evolving drum sequences.

Speaking of samples, Tahti Studio comes with a set of single-cycle waveforms and Bedroom Producers Blog’s free Cassette 808, and Cassette 909 drum sounds.

By clicking on “Library” in the bottom row, the built-in sample browser opens. At the top level, you’ll see folders of BPB samples that are ready to load.

That said, you can import any WAV file and use it in the sequencer. I had some fun using the free Inferno SFX sounds to create a drum loop earlier today (you can hear it here).

And that’s another cool feature of Tahti Studio. You can share your sequences with anyone, even if external sounds are used. This makes it super easy to collaborate or share your musical ideas with a friend.

Lastly, the app lets you export your drum loop as a WAV file that you can later import into your DAW or a hardware sampler.

If you’re looking for a virtual drum machine that you can use outside the studio, Tahti Studio deserves your attention. It’s better than most (if not all) drum sequencer mobile apps I’ve used.

However, the app still isn’t perfect. Mobile phone browsers aren’t fully supported yet, so you’ll just have to try and see if the groovebox will work on your phone. It worked fine in Chrome on my Galaxy S9+.

Needless to say, I’d love to see a VST plugin version of Tahti Studio someday.

Link: Tahti Studio

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Thanks Tomislav, congratulations sir, thats great that Max has chosen your quality sounds to start off with, this could be a great escape using it to be creative at any time, anywhere, i would like to try it myself, i appreciate your hard work 😊🙏

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  3. Wow, this is a really awesome drum sequencer. Almost perfect UX and UI, perfect choice of parameters and great on-board sounds. Would really love to see this being turned into a plugin to use within the DAW.

  4. I couldn’t save my user created patterns. (Windows, Firefox 95.0)

    Any explaination on the process of saving? I clicked save, but my pattern wouldn’t show up in the library.

  5. Yes, it is a very, very interesting and good tool. It resembles some paid (!) plugins, but it is made very qualitatively. Randomization is done wisely, but maybe in the future it will be possible to select/freeze parameters to change. I would really like to see it in vst format. Good luck to the developers in their work!

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