Get 75% OFF Excite Audio’s Lifeline Expanse Lite @ VSTBuzz


Excite Audio’s impressive Lifeline Expanse Lite multi-effect plugin is now available for €9 (retail price €36) at VSTBuzz. That’s a massive 75% discount!

Lifeline Expanse Lite is an easy-to-use multi-effects plugin that adds charm to any aspect of your project. Warm saturation, intense digital bit crushing, realistic speaker simulation, and in-depth width and reverb parameters are all included in this one plugin (hence, the ‘multi-effect’).

Lifeline Expanse Lite has 20 unique effects, and a complete selection of high-quality presets, all wrapped within 5 rearrangeable modules:

Re-amp: This module lets you experiment with various speaker emulations, from vintage recording equipment to modern devices. Plus, you can modify the age, drive, tone, and blend of each element to suit your tastes just by changing a few knobs.

Dirt: Here, you get four effects algorithms – Tube, Tape, Rectify, and Fuzz. You can use this to add saturation to any track, whether you want a subtle tape effect on vocals or a gritty tube effect on guitars. The Drive and Tone parameters can be tweaked to further modify the sound.

Format: This is where you can get a bitcrusher-like effect by modifying the audio resolution and quality. You can reduce the bit-depth and sample rate using the Degrade and Resample effects. And you can also change the resolution of the signal’s peaks using the Flatten and Washed knobs. This results in some pretty unique flavors in a mix.

Width: This module uses the stereo field to give the audio movement, energy, and tension. Using this module’s effective and streamlined parameters, you can create massive soundscapes, strong leads, and fantastic vocal takes.

Space: The Space module focuses on four different algorithms – Plate, Hall, Spring, and Slap. You can achieve some great-sounding reverbs using this plugin itself, so you don’t really need a separate reverb.

Here is a quick demo and walkthrough of the plugin’s functionality:

Note that this is the ‘Lite’ version of Lifeline Expanse, and there is a full version that adds more presets and allows more advanced controls for each module to tweak the sound even more. The full version does not feature any discounts right now.

If you’re looking for a single plugin that can help add a lot of depth and personality to your mix, then Lifeline Expanse Lite is an absolute steal of a deal. It packs a ton of power in a modern UI that makes it quick to dial in what you need.

More info: Lifeline Expanse Lite (75% OFF @ VSTBuzz)

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  1. Okay so theoretically I could get the Lite version for 9€ and then I just get the upgrade (on plugin boutique for example) for 25€… Or am I missing something?

  2. Yes, that should work. VSTBuzz has mentioned this upgrade possibility on their page. Since the license you buy is redeemed through Plugin Boutique itself, there shouldn’t be any issues. I’ll ask Tomislav to update the article with that info.

    • I bought the Lite version today on VSTBuzz and upgraded it right after redeeming it on Plugin Boutique. Works like a charm :) 34€ in total is quite a steal for such a great plugin and I even used some virtual cash
      I still had left on my plugin boutique account so for me it was even cheaper. Thank you for letting us know about that deal! :)

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