AudioKit Launches FREE Rack Reverb For iOS 


Rack Reverb is a new reverb plugin by Audiokit Pro, available for FREE on the Apple App Store (only for a limited time). You can download it for iPhone or iPad and use it with any iOS DAW.

Rack Reverb is a straightforward plugin with just three controls. Despite the modest looks and simple controls, the intelligent algorithm gives incredible results. The plugin comes in the AUv3 format and works flawlessly with GarageBand, Cubasis 3, AUM, BM3, and other DAWs supported by iOS.

The three controls on the gorgeously minimalistic interface are Lo-Cut, Verb Size, and Mix. Verb Size controls the amount of reverb, while the mix controls the ratio between the original input and the effect reverb in the output. The Lo-Cut effect removes the lowest frequencies in the reverb effect to make the results less boomy or ‘loose,’ and it’s really quick to dial in.

The reverb sounds fantastic for a free plugin, with a lush feel that adds presence to any track and easily sits well in a mix. You could use it sparingly on just about any track or use it on a guitar or vocal track to really add depth and space to them. 

Rack Reverb has a fresh modern UI that blends well with other iOS apps and effects. The three knobs come in different colors for some variety, while the UI as a whole is freely resizable inside a DAW. There is a convenient bypass button on the right, and it doesn’t add any noticeable latency while A/B testing your mix.  

Here’s a quick video by AudioKit Pro co-founder Matthew Fecher demonstrating the plugin in action: 

Rack Reverb is entirely open-source, and its code is available on GitHub for any interested developers. The open-source license means you can use and interpret the code for your own applications and projects without any royalties or copyright issues.

AudioKit Pro is an excellent platform for developing professional tools for iOS, tvOS, macOS. They’ve launched several great apps, including the very popular Synth One. 

If you make music on the go using your iOS device, you’ll probably love the AudioKit Rack Reverb. It’s free, super easy to use, and offers a convincingly realistic reverb effect that rivals much more expensive paid plugins on the market. 

Download: Rack Reverb (iOS)

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