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We previously reviewed VOXPAT and really loved its capabilities. Since then, it has only gotten better and more extensive in functionality.

VOXPAT is an audio manipulator and multi-FX plugin that can basically turn any audio into something else entirely. It’s super useful for creative content applications and audio production for films, TV, and games, but finds its own use in music too.

VOXPAT can process audio input from up to two microphones, four audio samples, and/or a virtual instrument, all at once. Then it can run them through up to 14 effect racks in parallel. This makes VOXPAT quite unique, and results in a rich, layered sound.

This plugin has multiple audio convolution effects. For one, the ‘Noiser’ can add white noise and FM noise to the audio. Then there is the ‘Mammal,’ a mammal throat emulator and perhaps the most important effect that can replicate the sound of a scary monster or a dinosaur.

The Plugin Morpher is used to manipulate the sound coming from another VST plugin used as the signal carrier. On the other hand, the Sample convolver can multiply up to four audio samples to produce a unique sound according to your needs. And there is also a dual-band ring modulator that adds a metallic color to the sound to give it a more ‘mechanical’ or even robotic feel.

There are also some pitch-shifting effects like a six-band granular pitch shifter and a spectral pitch shifter that can shift specific frequency bands. A delay pitch shifter has also been included. These can lead to some interesting results, such as when trying to make an alien-like sound.

On top of all this, the effects racks also come with further tweakable parameters like an LFO knob, panning knobs, and an EQ so you can mix the audio right in the software.

Here’s an in-depth video that explores VOXPAT’s potential:

VOXPAT comes as standalone software for both Windows and macOS (10.7 or later). It can run VST/AU plugins as a host, but it is not designed to work with any DAW. You can download a demo from the developer’s website to test it out first.

Overall, VOXPAT is a professional multi-effect processor, and truly a gem for someone who’s into sound design and audio production. While marketed to create ‘monster and robotic voices’, VOXPAT’s feature-set allows it to do much more.

More info: VOXPAT (75% OFF @ Audio Plugin Deals)

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    • Michal Ochedowski


      Cool, thanks. Slate offers very straightforward access to available sample packs. No hoops to jump through.

      • I think Dehumanizer 2 Simple Monsters is not as powerfull than Voxpat.
        There is way less functionnalities on Dehumanizer.
        No FX (just “under the hood”), in Voxpat there is a lot of FX, FM, noise, etc…
        It looks dated, but it’s very powerfull.
        Personnally I was also interested in Dehumanizer, but since I watched reviews, tutorials, etc…about this Voxpat, I change my mind…
        But for now, I never tried both, so I can’t say which one is better, but I can make a good idea with all the videos I watched (and reviews).

  1. Curious to know how it compares to Dehumanizer 2 Simple Monsters? I was contemplating the latter, for next halloween… Voxpat seems very dated and the demos did not convince me more than that…

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