FunkBass Is A FREE Virtual Bass Instrument By Audiolatry


FunkBass is a new sample-based virtual instrument plugin from Audiolatry, and you can download it for FREE!

Just go to Audiolatry’s website and download the plugin according to your OS. You only need to enter your email address to register.

FunkBass has a straightforward user interface, and there is practically no learning curve at all. This plugin has been designed with simplicity in mind, and it really shines for genres like Pop, EDM, Funk Soul, RnB, and more.

The plugin comes with 8 bass presets – finger, slap, pick, chorus, fretless, fuzz, low, and sub. The finger, slap, and pick presets each represent the individual techniques and sounded quite authentic to me.

In the chorus and fuzz presets, the bass sound is layered with FX, whereas the low and sub presets offer much deeper sounds than the other patches, perfect for that extra growl.

Besides these great presets, FunkBass also has several tweakable parameters for further customizability. There is a filter knob for adjusting the high cut and low cut amount, which lets you remove any unwanted/dissonant frequencies.

FunkBass also provides controls over the attack and release through separate knobs. Protip – turn down the attack, and you will get a perfect pad-like sound through this bass plugin. You can also adjust the gain and pan right from the plugin itself.

Last but not least, there is an LFO modulation section that is quite interesting. Here there are three selectors – wave type, source, and destination. The wave type selector lets you choose from five LFO wave types – triangle, sine, saw, square, and exponent. The source selector enables you to decide from four input source types – none, mod wheel, aftertouch, and velocity.

And the destination selector lets you choose from four LFO destinations – none, pitch, expression, and pan. Apart from these, you can control the LFO speed and depth.

Here’s a little demo of this plugin to get an idea of what it can really do:

FunkBass is available in the VST/VST3/AU formats for Windows and macOS (but only for El Capitan to Mojave; it won’t work with Catalina and above).

After tinkering around with it myself, I found it a really nice plugin for quickly coming up with some cool bass melodies. The presets are an instant source of inspiration, and the tones are quick to dial in.

But there is a bit of a ‘synth’ feel to the bass, so if you’re looking for authentic acoustic/electric bass tones, this isn’t really it. But it fits in really well with most electronic genres effortlessly, and it’s definitely got some funk to it.

Download: FunkBass (64-bit VST2/VST3/AU plugin formats for Windows & macOS)

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