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Audio Plugin Deals is back with another great deal. They are offering MINIMONSTA by GForce Software for just $29.99 instead of the regular $129 price tag. That’s a massive 77% discount! The offer is valid until February 13th, 2022.

As usual, there’s another reward from Audio Plugin Deals – $14.99 will be added to your rewards wallet as soon as you complete your order, which you can freely use for any other product in the store.

MINIMONSTA has been designed to emulate the iconic Minimoog hardware synthesizer. However, this VST plugin is much more than a replica of the original synth. Although it has every feature of the Minimoog, it packs numerous new assets like polyphony, ADSR, and an additional LFO.

The MINI, or the central part of the plugin, stays accurate to the original analog synth. It has all of Minimoog’s bells and whistles.

You’re getting the famous three oscillators, the 4-pole octave filter, the dedicated analog LFO with triangle, and the square waveshapes. So, if your goal is to get an accurate analog sound akin to the original hardware synth, this plugin will serve you really well.

Now, the MONSTA section represents all those functions of the MINIMONSTA that have been added as extra features to help bring a new and modern outlook to the original synth. These new features include adding an LFO to almost all the parameters like the filter cutoff, resonance, individual oscillator volumes, and even envelope parameters.

“Minimonsta is an award-winning, highly detailed, and accurate emulation of the original instrument with heaps of attitude. We think of it as a mini emulation on steroids because, until the Minimonsta, numerous clones simply attempted to copy the original instrument and then add one or two features such as polyphony and another LFO, the Minimonsta takes a radically different look at this vintage masterpiece and operates on two levels.”

Each LFO has additional parameters like sync, delay, and different waveforms that you can customize to your heart’s content. And, for every parameter to which you can add an LFO, you can also apply an extra ADSR envelope.

It’s also possible to assign MIDI modulation to any synth parameter, create dynamic effects, or tweak the velocity response according to your needs. And finally, the octave function called the Melohman, which allows real-time morphing between patches, is the cherry on top.

Here’s a MINIMONSTA video demo:

MINIMONSTA is an excellent plugin for creating lush pads and organic melodies, as well as futuristic basslines and leads. Also, to save you some time, this plugin comes with over 6,000 factory patches spread across 500 meta-patches.

At just under 30 USD, this is certainly a bargain for a powerful analog-inspired virtual synth.

More info: MINIMONSTA ($29.99 at Audio Plugin Deals)

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