Rift Feedback Lite By Minimal Audio Is FREE For A Limited Time


Minimal Audio releases Rift Feedback Lite (€29 value, free for a limited time), a musical feedback processor in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS.

Rift Feedback Lite comes from Minimal Audio, the development team behind the popular Rift Filter Lite (€49) multi-effect plugin and the flagship Rift (€129) plugin.

Minimal Audio offers the Rift Feedback Lite effect as a free download for a limited time only. However, both Rift Filter Lite and Rift Feedback Lite are included as free add-ons when you purchase Rift.

Taking a closer look at Rift Feedback Lite, the developers describe it as a “musical feedback processor” armed with tuned resonators, comb filters, and synced delays. It uses feedback as a creative sound design tool, adding a layer of grit and musicality to the source signal.

You can set Rift Feedback Lite to follow your track’s key via preset scales. But if that sounds boring, you can literally play the plugin as an instrument via MIDI. There’s definitely some fun to be had here with layering melodies and harmonies through feedback.

Here’s how Minimal Audio describes Rift Feedback Lite:

”Rift Feedback lite is a flexible and musical feedback effects processor offering tuneable feedback, various delay types, and stereo comb filtering. In addition, we are offering a beautiful UI in both dark and light modes.”

Take a look at the official demo video below to see the plugin in action.

Key Features:

  • Physical modeling feedback and delay.
  • Eight modes processing modes, including resonators, comb filters, and more.
  • Create melodic effects with easy-to-use pitch snapping.
  • Build huge spaces with stereo spread and ping pong mode.
  • Set the feedback frequency to track incoming MIDI notes.
  • Beautiful interface with dark and light modes.

If all of this sounds interesting, hurry up and grab Rift Feedback Lite while it’s still free. Minimal Audio’s previous limited-time freebie offer on Rift Filter Lite has already expired.

On a related note, Minimal Audio announces that a Rift update is on the way. It will introduce additional multi-band processing features, a dark GUI mode, and significant performance optimizations. The final launch date is yet to be determined.

I asked Minimal Audio about the end date for the Rift Feedback Lite freebie offer, and I’ll update the article as soon as I get that piece of information. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Rift Feedback Lite will remain free for several months (although there is no exact end date for this deal). Get it now to keep your free license forever.

Rift Feedback Lite is available in VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for compatible digital audio workstations. Only 64-bit plugin hosts will work.

For more crazy feedback and musical filtering, check out our BPB Dirty Filter plugin.

Download: Rift Feedback Lite (FREE for a limited time only)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


    • “A superb drum bus compressor ! A very special gift from JRV Audio. This is a priceless audio gear that gives an incredible analog mojo for your drum bus or 2bus. This is the device that you can only find in the hardware world. It is an esoteric sounding vintage soul machine . With the tonal characteristics of the Fairchild , 2254’s and 1176’s this is an epic workhorse. And it is free for you to download for a limited time. Don’t miss this groove machine! Probably the best sounding drum bus compressor ever built.”

  1. Thank you Tomislav,
    But the internet connection for installation is a real bummer. Many do not have any internet connectivity in their studio computers.
    Ho well.

  2. Hi Tomislav, i hope your keeping well sir.
    Congratulations to you & your family on the birth of your new born child. Best wishes to you & yours for a healthy & happy future 🙏☘️❤️
    Thanks again, i’m gonna try this plug-in in a while & give some lite feedback later 😊
    God bless 🙏

        • Not really true. When you add it to the basket, it automatically navigates you on Rift website to insert a serial number. If you don’t have serial, you need to buy it for 49$ or so… I wanted added it to basket yesterday and it’s NOT free!!!

            • I did! Again!
              It’s not a true. You can “Add it to my download”, but when you push the button, you are linked to the Minimal Audio website, where you have to put your email, password and code. Do you have a code? Becase if not, you can buy Rift Filter on Minimal Audio just for 49$!

                • Well, i don’t know. I did exactly what i wrote above at the time i wrote it and it’s in my free products.

                • I tried it again and for some reason it gave me a second serial number but i followed the same process and it opened up minimal’s audio website i wrote down my e-mail my password and copied and pasted my serial number from plugin boutique and it works fine.

        • Thanks so much for your help Aris, i missed this Rift Filter Lite plug-in before & thought i would try it out if its still free, i like it, i just tried it out quickly.

          I searched & added this to my cart yesterday but it was not in my cart afterwards, i don’t know why.
          Anyway, i did what you said, thanks again for your help & i hope it helps others too:

          Heres what i did.
          Logged into my Plugin Boutique account as normal
          Clicked “My Account” (at the top of Plugin Boutique site, this takes me to My Products)
          Clicked on Free Products, (listed next to “My Products” to the right side & above the Plugin Boutique site search box)

          Rift Filter Lite is at the top of the list in Free Products
          I copied the Serial Number for Rift Filter Lite
          Clicked download

          Minimal Audio website opens
          I logged into Minimal Audio & also pasted my Serial Number (which i copied from Plugin Boutique) into the box where it says CODE

          Now in Minimal Audio, “Products & Downloads”, i see Rift Filter Lite
          I downloaded & installed

          Opened my DAW & opened Rift Filter Lite, entered my account name & password

          An awesome plug-in.
          Thanks to BPB, Plugin Boutique & Minimal Audio 😊

    • well, try it and see – or better HEAR – , what can be done with it. this is the most important part! ;-)

      of course, you can compare it to Crystallizer and decide for your personal needs, if the free plug-in does enough or not or if you personally consider both plug-ins somewhat “related”.

      which name it carries or anybody wants to give it, is actually less important…

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