McDSP EC-300 Echo Collection Is FREE For A Limited Time


McDSP will offer the EC-300 Echo Collection ($79 value) plugin as a free download for a limited time, starting March 2nd, 2022 (UPDATE: The signup form is already working!). An iLok user account is required for activation purposes.

EC-300 Echo Collection emulates three delay types: Digital, Analog, and Magnetic. The plugin offers single, dual, and ping-pong delays, with additional features like ducking and saturation.

Each delay type comes with specific control parameters that let you customize the sound. The Magnetic mode offers Wow and Flutter controls that simulate the pitch imperfections of analog tape. Likewise, the Digital mode comes with Bit Depth and Modulation controls.

The different delay modes are represented with differently styled GUIs. All three designs look very nice, with clean layouts and easy-to-understand controls.

All three delay modes share the following control parameters: Feedback, Mix, Delay I, Delay II, Input, Output, HP Filter, and LP Filter. The delay can sync with the plugin host or in free mode. A tap tempo feature is also included.

“The EC-300 Echo Collection brings the sound of dozens of echo and chorus effects into a single plugin. The three delay types – Magnetic, Digital, and Analog – come with a generous collection of user controls, plenty of character modes, highly stylized visual feedback, and McDSP’s nearly two decades of gear modeling experience.”

The collection comes with hundreds of presets that cover various delay effects, chorus, flagging, and other modulation types.

EC-300 Echo Collection is available in VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for compatible digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS. Please note that you’ll need to activate the software using the iLok License Manager.

The product page offers several tutorial videos that showcase the EC-300 Echo Collection plugins in action. You can learn to create some go-to effects like the Haas Effect or complex delay grooves.

The free version of EC-300 Echo Collection will be fully operational without any usage or functionality restrictions.

Looking for more delay effects? Check out our recently updated list of free delay VST plugins.

Source: Sonicstate. Thanks to BPB reader Cameron J. for letting us know about this freebie.

UPDATE: The signup form is already working. You can sign up to receive your free EC-300 Echo Collection license.

Download: EC-300 Echo Collection (FREE since March 2nd, requires iLok user account)

More info: McDSP

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. soundspirate


    available now to download now follow sonicstate link and sign up to the email alert , very nice!! thanks bpb

  2. It’s really good sounding and the digital mode has some option to play the delay through a nice collection of impulse responses (sort of Audio Ease Speakerphone). The only thing I’m missing is an internal preset manager. It seems you have to rely on your DAW preset management?

  3. can somebody clarify if the ilok dongle is required? or only the free software? still don’t really get ilok

    • understood by now that the software will do.
      somehow i think i have to go through support, because no code was generated in the email

      appreciate you making us aware of this

      • Tomislav Zlatic


        I received the license key after completing the checkout process on McDSP’s website. The license key is in the “purchased items” section.

        • unfortunately in my email it says “Unable to allocate License Code. Please contact support”
          maybe i had not confirmed newsletter subscription before completing order :D

      • Not the case on my end – requires dongle, here is from their email:
        ” iLok2, iLok3, or iLok Cloud session”
        Can’t be activated to computer like Xpand for example.

        • “With iLok Cloud, McDSP plug-ins no longer require an iLok. Users are only required to have an iLok account, which can be setup for free at Users must also install the latest version of iLok License Manger so they can manage their authorizations and active an iLok Cloud session. An active internet connection is required for all iLok Cloud sessions.”
          (says mcdsp website about that topic)

          • Regardless, can’t activate it. Can’t select ‘Location’, no matter if I’m in the cloud or in the hw view.

  4. Bitwig (in Windows 10) couldn’t find the plugin. It said it took long time to scan or something. Had to uninstal :(

  5. Michal Ochedowski


    Successful redemption :) Nice two words to see after the process has finished. Thanks for sharing info about this gem. Delays with two separate lines are very rare in a free market. Glad I found out about this offer.

  6. For those needing even more delay/reverb:
    Blackstar Studio Reverb Library + Rematrix Player Plug-in is free this week

  7. please excuse my ignorance (this is hopefully the last question i’ll ask on this)
    does this only work when online, or did i mess up the registration/activation? ilok is such a mystery to me

    • Michal Ochedowski


      That’s correct. If you don’t have physical USB dongle plugged into the computer, this plugin will only work when you are connected to the internet. In the iLok License Manager there are four icons in the Valid Locations column.
      Plugins that do not require internet connection should have “computer icon” listed as available license storage location. That’s not the case with EC-600 effect.

  8. They have hard-wired it to also install stuff at c:\…user\ documents\ …..vstpresets. If you have redefined your documents folder on a different drive it aborts the installation. i let them know, i’m letting yous know too . be well all.

  9. Such a nice offer But iLok cloud & dongle only unfortunately.

    Got it redeemed, might never use it because of the licensing.

  10. Does anybody else have problems opening the presets? Running on Ableton 11. There doesn’t seem to be any button for the presets in the GUI?

  11. Adilbek Temirkhanov


    Can’t sign up. The website says that they are restocking the item but it’s unknown how long it’ll take.

  12. Thanks Tomislav! In ping-pong mode, other than the usual width, I can adjust the L/R time individually – very nice!

  13. wibblemonkey


    I’m not usually one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but a 7.4 Gb download for one free reverb plugin? Not to mention I can’t authorise it to my PC, it’s iLok dongle or iLok Cloud only. Already redeemed it but if I can’t download it without getting every other McDSP plugin cluttering up my drive with stuff I can’t use – I already have enough of that with IK Multimedia T-Racks

    • wibblemonkey


      I take it back – I waited patiently for the massive download to complete and it does contain individual installers -Phew!

      • Michal Ochedowski


        At first I had the same problem with Google Chrome. I started downloading this huge installer and something went wrong. It didn’t finish. When I loaded McDSP’s website in Firefox, I could see all separate installers listed below. That wasn’t the first time when Chrome didn’t display all contents of the website. Actually nowadays it keeps happening much more often.

  14. The presets folder for EC-300 is located in your user data folder, in a separate subfolder.

    In Windows 11 that subfolder is called: C:\Users\{your name}\AppData\Roaming\VST3 Presets\McDSP\EC300\.
    (in Windows’ filemanager the box/control for displaying “hidden objects” (e.g. folders) has to be ticked (“filled”).

    In my case, the subfolder was installed under “My documents”, so I had to cut and paste it to that location.

    The plugin does not have a plugin manager of its own, but in my case I could use the one in my DAW (Cakewalk). In Cakewalk there is dropdown-menu at the top showing the plugin format name (“VST3” in this case). By clicking that menu, Cakewalk showed me a menu option – “Load factory presets” and some other options, which when selected displays the preset folders and files of EC300 on the hard disk.

    • LEFE,
      I’m having preset troubles, are you saying to copy/paste the presets from the download to: Users\{your name}\AppData\Roaming\VST3 Presets\McDSP\EC300\.
      In order for you DAW to load them.

  15. Right now i don’t seem to be able to get past the signup-form page. I enter my data, but when i click on the “get EC-300 now!” button, absolutely nothing happens!

    Any idea?

    • Tried again today, still the same behaviour of the form. Impossible to submit my registration. Anyone else experiencing the same? Any solution to this? Thx!

  16. McDSP just released their installers to v7. It’s not an update but a newer version which required a new paid license.

  17. Hi, can anyone upload and give me a link to EC-300 Echo Collection Native v6 installer? I mean link to Google Drive, WeTransfer or something like that, becouse on McDsp website there’s only v7 installers or 7Gb legacy installer for all Native v6 products. Thank U good Samaritan! ;)

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