WA Production Heat 2 First Look (WINNER ANNOUNCED)


WA Production recently released Heat 2, the successor to their earlier ‘Heat’ plugin. We are taking a closer look at Heat 2 and giving away a free copy to one lucky BPB reader.

Heat 2 is a twin distortion plugin with extensive controls and an intuitive design. You can get it at an intro price of just $14.90 (retail $49.50). You can also upgrade to Heat 2 with a $5 fee if you already own the original Heat plugin.

Heat 2 is a handy distortion tool suitable for any genre of music, capable of generating anything from complete fuzz to light overdrive and subtle amplification. It includes two different distortion effects with individual controls allowing you to target independent frequency bands with different results.

The middle portion of the UI is divided into two equal halves with the same controls. Each half corresponds to one of the distortion effects. There are Drive, High-pass, and Low-Pass filters and Makeup settings for each of the two distortions. You can choose between ten different distortion types (named A to J) and keep distinct settings for each half.

The Blend button in the center controls the mix between the two distortions. At the bottom of the interface, you have options to control input, output, and mix between input signal and output. At the top of the UI, the distortion outputs are represented with waveforms, each side being color-coded for clarity.

There is a latency-adjusted bypass switch at the top left for convenience; you can also bypass each of the distortions individually. The plugin includes several factory presets to choose from and makes the workflow quicker. I particularly liked the ‘Lead Synth Power’ preset.

The interface is intuitive but straightforward – a calm black with neon red, orange, and yellow accents, with white text. Along with being resizable, the UI feels snappy to use. Heat 2 is available for macOS and Windows in the VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX formats.

WA Productions is also offering the Ultimate FX Bundle for FREE with every purchase so that you can get nearly 2200 samples for free when you buy Heat 2 on their website. The Ultimate FX Bundle includes one-shots, loops, vocal FX, orchestral loops, and an ear training course. The bundle is automatically added to your cart upon purchasing anything from WA’s website.

I tested Heat 2 on various tracks myself, and I found that it’s indeed versatile – from guitars and synths to drums and vocals, I could do a lot with it. Even if you’re not looking for full-blown distortion, a subtle saturation effect sounds good on just about anything.

More info: Heat 2 ($14.90 sale price, $49.50 full price)

The Giveaway

We are giving away a FREE copy of WA Production Heat 2 to one lucky BPB reader.

To enter the giveaway, answer this question in the comments section: What is your favorite free distortion plugin?

We will pick the winners using a random comment picker on Monday, March 14th.

The winner is: Konstantin: k************@gmail.com

Congratulations, Konstantin (check your email)!

Everyone else, better luck next time, and thanks for reading BPB! ❤️

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Anshul Jain is a content writer and session guitarist from India. An avid fan of rock and metal, he is 1/6th of the progressive act Black Flower.


  1. Tube Saturator Vintage by Wave Arts. Thank you for all your hard work guys. You’re my go to Guys for these kinds on news and deals, Thank you.

  2. Max Dementyev


    Temper is my favourite free distortion. Though, I managed to snag a Trash 2 license for free during the last Izotope giveaway which is arguably the best distortion plugin that I own currently.

    • Ignacio Barraza


      I know it will sound obvious, but dirty filter by bpb is fire. And Saturation Knob by Softube 🔥

  3. Like others, I really love the sound of Tube Saturation Vintage by Wave Arts, but I also got a free copy of Trash 2 during a promotion and so technically that one is my favorite free one, even though it’s not free anymore. So versatile and really well-designed.

  4. Alexander Rasumovski


    Softube – Saturation Knob, Abletunes – Drive Knob, Diginoiz – TrapDrive, Wave Arts – Tube Saturator Vintage, Camel Audio – Camel Crusher, BPB – Saturator

  5. oftube – Saturation Knob, Abletunes – Drive Knob, Diginoiz – TrapDrive, Wave Arts – Tube Saturator Vintage, Camel Audio – Camel Crusher, BPB – Saturator

  6. Speaking specifically of free distortion, this is “Krush by Tritik”. I like to use digital distortion to mimic old school samplers. I also like the “Trash by iZotope” plugin, it’s often free, has four bands, and thus gives you the ability to distort a certain frequency range. But most often I use saturators.

  7. I really like the distortion in Vadim Taranov’s Peavey 5150 simulation. For distortion alone, though, I’d say Red Skull Distortion by audiorammer.

  8. Víctor Marlon Sánchez Mejía


    Hola BPB, el Valvola de Hornet y el Black de Nembrini son mis favoritos, y eso que tengo distorsiones de pago pero con estos dos Muaaaac…!!! belleza de armónicos que me da en mis pistas.

  9. Chris Bailey


    If we’re talking a strait distortion plugin, then Saturation Knob from Softube. If we’re talking a suite, then IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube 5 CS

  10. my favorites sat plugins are: IVGI klanghelm, saturation Knob softube and BPB Saturator…thanks for all the good job Guys!!!

  11. Synth Street


    My favorite free distortion plugin’s comes from – Airwindows ”Distortion”
    But there are also a bunch more there on the site.

  12. (((((((HEAT 2)))))) OBVIOUSLY
    (((((((HEAT 2)))))) OBVIOUSLY
    ((((((HEAT 2)))))) ACTUALLY
    ((((((HEAT 2)))))) ACTAULLY

  13. Waves Berzerk is the “free” one I use the most. It’s not free all the time, but it was free for a while a couple of years ago, so it was free to me

  14. Stock Ableton Live Saturator is the best for me. Various modes to choose from with soft clipping option. It’s simple and works nice on a lot of things.

  15. Not counting bit-crushers, I’m really enjoying Punish Lite from Heavyocity. Sounds good, and it’s free. What more could you want? :P

  16. I don’t own any, kinda never needed that sort of effects, since I mostly get distortion from using Fruity Soft Clipper and then boosting any sound.

  17. I would say decapitator by the sound toys.. but I love anything that will give me a great sound.. I stay using dirty filter and dirty spring by BPM!!

  18. trash2 by izotope. (yes its usually a paid for item, but either this year or late last year it was free for a limited time. so this is my fav free distortion plugin) :)

  19. Yannis Fotis


    “FreeAmp” by KLEVGR. Although it is subtle, maybe too subtle for some cases, it sounds awesome and does a fantastic at enhancing several different types of sounds. Therefore it quickly became my most often used freeware plug-in.

    • I think it’s other Konstantin wins, but Im confused, cause my name, and not only first email letter matches, but amount of symbols too :D

      But Im lost my memory if I participate in this one. Or did I? It’s funny ))

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