Arturia Launches MiniLab MkII Mega Deal


Arturia offers massive savings on its most feature-packed MiniLab MkII package ever.

The Mega Deal from Arturia will see savings of up to 25% on the MiniLab MkII across various retailers. The new package comes with three additional software titles worth over €400.

The MiniLab MkII is a 25-key controller ideal for studio use or making music on the road. It features sixteen assignable encoders, two banks of eight RGB-backlit pads, and two touch strips for pitch bend and modulation.

These days, even such a small keyboard controller has to be much more than just a keyboard; it has to offer extensive hands-on control over virtual instruments and plugins, etc. With so many assignable controls, the MiniLab MkII has no issues in that area.

Discount or no discount, Arturia keyboard controllers are generally very good, in my opinion. I use an older KeyLab 61 with excellent aftertouch and a couple of KeyLab 49 Essential keyboards.

To play Devil’s advocate, I think the best velocity-sensitive pads (in this class) are on Akai’s MPK Mini MkIII. But, as a longtime MPC user, it’s no surprise that I favor those pads.

Arturia typically offers pretty comprehensive software bundles with its MIDI keyboard controllers, providing everything you need to start making music straight away.

The MiniLab MkII comes with Ableton Live Lite, Analog Lab Intro (500 presets from V Collection), and UVI Grand Piano (Steinway Model D). So, you’ve got a DAW, and you’ve got loads of vintage and modern keyboard instruments.

The bonus software titles are Mini V, Stage-73 V, and Rev PLATE-140.

Mini V brings classic Moog sounds, from P-Funk to Snoop Dogg.

The Stage-73 offers an authentic and responsive Fender Rhodes sound.

Rev PLATE-140 is a lovely reverb plugin inspired by the famous EMT 140 hardware unit.

The EMT 140 also inspired Analog Obsession’s Room041, which is a great freebie if you don’t have it yet.

The MiniLab MkII is great for beatmakers who don’t need 88-keys at once and anyone with a smaller workspace. They also make an awesome mobile production setup with a laptop. When traveling, I always take an MPC or a little controller (or both); I can make music in hotels or outside; it’s perfect.

If you’re in the market for a new keyboard controller, you won’t find much better value for money for under €100.

More info: Arturia MiniLab MkII Mega Deal (€89 sale price)

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  1. Love my minilab, feels much higher quality than my MPK Mini. Kinda wish existing minilab users got access the additional freebies of this deal – would love to give miniv or the rhodes plugins a spin.

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