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Audio Plugin Deals has a new offer where you can get Drumvolution by Wave Alchemy for just $59 (retail price $204). That’s a massive 70% discount, and the offer is valid until April 12th. Audio Plugin Deals offers free add-ons with any purchase (more info below).

Drumvolution is one of the most advanced drum engines available for the FREE Kontakt Player. It’s a sample-based drum synth with over 25,000 recordings from analog, electronic, and acoustic drum samples powering the sound.

It also includes a myriad of tools that allow you to take control of every aspect of your drums. Wave Alchemy took help from experienced sound designers who put hundreds of hours into perfecting the instruments.

Wave Alchemy Drumvolution Overview

Drumvolution’s UI can appear a bit daunting at first, but it comes with intuitive controls, clear partitioning, and several different modes allowing you to approach editing from various angles. The prominent features available are:

  • Powerful Drum Layering Engine;
  • Dynamic Browsing;
  • Polyrhythmic Pattern and Modulation Sequencer;
  • Onboard Effects and MacroSystem;
  • 300 Presets.

The interface includes four different tabs: X+Y, Mix, Sequencer, and Options.

The X+Y tab consists of an editor for positioning the sound of the drums in X and Y dimensions and controls such as panning. You can control the level of each individual element of the drums from the Mix tab, while the actual drum arrangements can be handled in the Sequencer tab. The Options tab is for saving your creations, loading previous saves, and managing MIDI outputs.

There are twelve channels on which you can load samples from the instrument library, choosing from ten different instrument types.

Each sample has elements from three different sound engines: Drum, Transient, and Layer. You can mix the ratio of these elements using the X+Y pan. Another option is applying independent modulation to each of the three sound engine elements. You can also mix the sounds separately for each of the three engines in the Mix tab.

The voices can be sequenced using the classic sequencer at the bottom or the sequencer tab. The classic sequencer already offers plenty of functionality like two velocity controls and pattern length and time adjustments.

The sequencing tab takes this to another level, allowing you to handle all twelve channels simultaneously or zoom into one for finer control.

Since it’s compatible with Kontakt Player (no full version required), you can use Drumvolution on any system and any DAW that runs Kontakt. The library takes up about 4.6 GB once unpacked.

Drumvolution is a complex instrument, and perhaps a bit overkill for many bedroom producers. But if you’re the kind that likes to sit and perfect each nuance of their rhythm sound, building a personalized drum kit, then it’s got all the features you’ll need.

Free Bonus With Any Purchase

Audio Plugin Deals offers free add-ons with any purchase this month. Customers will get access to three additional freebies:

  • Xenon Cinematic SFX by A Sound Effect ($59.78 value) ;
    Supertube (VST2, VST3, AU) by SOUNDSPEAR ($40 value);
    Natura – Sampled Analog by New Nation ($24 value).

These products will be available for free to any customer who purchases any deal in the month of April.

More info: Wave Alchemy Drumvolution (70% OFF @ Audio Plugin Deals)

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