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Audio Plugin Deals has a new offer where you can get the Stargate virtual synthesizer by LitWAV for FREE (retail $37). The offer is available until April 14th, 2022.

Stargate is a straightforward synth plugin that is easy to understand and use. Stargate consists of a library of 100 unique sound presets. These include strings, pianos, pads, bass, brass, subs, etc.

Aside from the standard controls such as volume, reverb, pan, pitch, LFO, filter, mono/poly, and ADSR, you get additional parameters like Glide, Velocity AMP, LFO source, and Waveform.

The learning curve is easy as all parameters are controlled by either a knob (reverb) or a slide (velocity AMP), or a switch among a set of predefined settings (Waveform – sine, square, triangle).

The UI is easy on the eyes, with dark backgrounds and red and blue accents. The control layout is intuitive and won’t confuse new users. You get right and left level meters on the bottom right and a visual representation of your sound on the top right.

The presets are organized under subheadings such as pads and strings to make your workflow quick. You switch preset types to change the list of presets and then select a preset from the list.

Here’s a quick demo of the plugin:

Stargate is a CPU-friendly synthesizer, but the download size is absolutely huge at 5.4 GB (it’ll only take up 1.8 GB once installed, though). This indicates that the instrument uses multi-samples as the sound source.

Note that you will have to create an account at APD if you do not have one and then redeem the product code at LitWAV’s website to download Stargate. Both will require your personal information.

I tried Stargate myself and found it relatively easy to use. The synth sounds are great for electronic music, but the pads and strings were versatile. And the installation + activation process is simple and relatively quick.

Stargate is a VST plugin and is available for both Windows and macOS. Check out our free synthesizer VST plugins article for more instruments.

More info: Stargate (FREE @ Audio Plugin Deals)

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  1. Thanks, the ordering process was smooth :-)
    And want to post about that Reel To Reel Piano is free at Decentsamples:

    • This is sample based VST, something that has been made with Maize sampler or similar product. Download is 5.3GB but it contains the content four times over (32/64 for both Mac and Win), so a user will only need a quarter what is being downloaded. It is annoying that downloads cant be split up, so bandwidth is not wasted, seeing as the download from their site is slow as well.

      • I cannot believe people making Maize products still provide this 4x downloads… I don’t own Maize, but I have many Maize products, and you quickly understand that the mse files are common and that it is completely waste of space to download them 4 times..
        Just provide clear instructions on where to copy them and voilà, download times divided by 4…

        Some great developers such as Quiet Music now follow this advice I gave them directly, which is cool, especially when you don’t have great internet connexions.

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