UJAM Phat 2 Is FREE With Any Purchase @ Plugin Boutique


Plugin Boutique offers UJAM Virtual Drummer Phat 2 ($99 retail price) as a FREE add-on with any purchase.

Every time I think I have enough plugins and won’t buy anything for a little while, Plugin Boutique pops up with another deal. I’m not complaining; the free with any purchase deal is one of my favorite promotions.

The freebie this time is Virtual Drummer Phat 2 from UJAM, and the offer is valid till May 2nd, 2022.

UJAM is the team behind Virtual Drummer, Virtual Guitarist, Virtual Bassist, Finisher multi-effects plugins, etc.

The idea is to replace your bandmates one by one with virtual musicians who don’t share any unwelcome opinions; ultimate power!

Well, maybe that’s not the idea, but while I can already imagine people saying things like, “I’d never use a Virtual Drummer, it won’t sound real,” many situations stand to benefit from something like Phat 2.

Phat 2 is all about funky Hip Hop beats, so it’s ideal for beatmakers. As beatmakers, we already use things like sample packs or Output’s Arcade, so why not add Phat 2 and its 1,380 different patterns across 60 styles.

If you’re looking for a free sample pack, check out Modern-Retro Drum Sample Pack from Reverb.

If you compose for film or games, you’ll know that budget, location, and time restrictions can make it difficult to bring in live musicians for every part. I’d have no hesitation using a Virtual Drummer in that scenario.

Maybe in an ideal world, we could all have our own Hitsville U.S.A with The Funk Brothers ready to play any minute. Until then, the more options we have to create realistic-sounding drums quickly and easily, the better it is.

In typical UJAM fashion, the Phat 2 GUI is extremely beginner-friendly. Two graphic keyboards show single instruments within a kit, and arrangement patterns like Intros, Fills, Choruses, and Breakdowns.

So, even complete beginners can put funky beats together with just a few keys.

Phat 2 has 200 presets; 150 are new and not featured in the original version. Also new to this version are the “drag-and-drop phrases to DAW” feature, an enhanced Mixer section, and a Master section with Saturation and Maximizer.

I had the original Phat, and it looks like Phat 2 goes deeper on the tweaking/editing features. Whether you want a cleaner sound or a heavily processed sound, using the Slam slider, you’ll probably want to make it a bit more human. Phat 2 provides enough instrument editing and Swing options to add that human touch.

Plugins like Phat 2 can save you so much time and effort on the right project.

Phat 2 is available in VST, AU2 (Logic Pro X and newer), and AAX formats for macOS and Windows.

As always, qualifying purchases cannot be free products, and you can’t pay in full with a coupon or Virtual Cash (anything under 100% is fine).

More info: UJAM Phat 2 (FREE with any purchase @ Plugin Boutique)

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  2. ujam stuff sounds great, problem is they need an internet connection to my computer or the plugin will not work. they need to change that because I don’t need my computer connecting to anywhere unless i explicitly want it too. and just because they require it doesn’t meet my criteria for “wanting” to make a connection to some server.

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