Soundwide Offers FREE iZotope, Native Instruments, Plugin Alliance Software


Native Instruments, iZotope, Plugin Alliance, Brainworx, and Sound Stacks joined Soundwide, a new audio software supergroup. Soundwide offers FREE Neutron Elements, NI Ethereal Earth, and the Plugin Alliance Welcome Bundle to celebrate.

A year ago, Native Instruments and iZotope joined forces. The team is now even bigger, as three new companies (Plugin Alliance, Brainworx, and Sound Stacks) decided to join the new company, which is now named Soundwide.

We’re yet to see what this will mean for the end-users in the future. For now, we have reason to celebrate as Soundwide offers a range of free software to everyone interested.

I’ll go right ahead and say that this is one of the best limited-time freebies ever. Plugin Alliance offers $599 worth of free goodies in their Welcome Bundle, including the bx_oberhausen synthesizer and bx_console Focusrite SC virtual console, just to name a few. iZotope and Native Instruments sweeten the pot with Neutron Elements and Ethereal Earth.

And if you’re looking to purchase some software, use the coupon code SOUNDWIDE2022 to get 10% OFF your next order from Native Instruments, Plugin Alliance, or iZotope.

Let’s take a look at the available freebies.

iZotope Neutron Elements

iZotope Neutron Elements is a powerful mixing multi-effect with AI features.

iZotope Neutron Elements is a powerful mixing multi-effect with AI features.

Neutron Elements is the entry-level edition of iZotope’s AI-based mixing assistant. The software uses intelligent algorithms to analyze audio and provide mixing suggestions.

The included Track Assistant will help you detect mix issues in the frequency domain. You can apply these AI-based suggestions automatically with Neutron Elements’ built-in EQ or use third-party software to fine-tune the mix based on those suggestions.

Either way, Neutron Elements is a handy mixing tool that you can use as an “extra set of ears” in your studio.

Get Neutron Elements for free via iZotope.

Native Instruments Ethereal Earth

Ethereal Earth is a virtual instrument by Native Instruments.

Ethereal Earth is a virtual instrument by Native Instruments.

Play Series: Ethereal Earth is an atmospheric virtual instrument by Native Instrument. It generates a range of cinematic sounds, including pads, strings, basses, and leads.

The instrument comes with dozens of presets and provides multiple ways to fine-tune the included sounds. The user can adjust the filter, saturation, and various effects to come up with custom variations of the included presets.

Further adjustments are possible in the advanced panel, where you can access the envelopes, modulation sources, and additional parameters.

You can download Ethereal Earth for free via Native Instruments.

Plugin Alliance Welcome Bundle

Plugin Alliance Welcome Bundle includes six free plugins.

Plugin Alliance Welcome Bundle includes six plugins that you can download for free.

Plugin Alliance Welcome Bundle is a set of audio tools developed by Plugin Alliance and Brainworx.

The free Welcome Bundle from Plugin Alliance includes:

  • Black Box Analog Design HG-2;
  • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor;
  • SVT-VR Classic emulation;
  • bx_masterdesk;
  • bx_oberhausen;
  • bx_console Focusrite SC.

That’s an incredible collection of free software. You’re getting a set of mastering plugins, analog-style hardware emulations, and a virtual analog synthesizer.

You’d typically spend $599 to purchase these six plugins from Plugin Alliance.

To get your free copy of the Plugin Alliance Welcome Bundle, use the coupon code JOINSOUNDWIDE at checkout. The offer ends on April 26th, 2022.

Here’s more information from Plugin Alliance:

“We are proud to announce that Native Instruments and iZotope, together with Plugin Alliance and Brainworx, are launching the new audio supergroup today, under our new mutual name: Soundwide

Our Soundwide mission is to inspire and empower creators to express themselves and reimagine the future of sound.

To celebrate this historic event with you, we are giving away the most amazing FREE plugin bundle ever. Get Native Instruments’ ETHEREAL EARTH Play Series instrument, iZotope’s Neutron Elements package, and the new PA Soundwide Welcome Bundle, featuring 6 Hit Plugins from Ampeg, Black Box Analog Design, Brainworx, Focusrite, and Shadow Hills.”

More info: Native Instruments / Plugin Alliance

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Tomislav Zlatic


    Thanks to BPB readers Aris, Stewart H., Igor S., Gery Zenz, and PureFire for the info! Also, sorry if you experienced performance issues on BPB today (especially when posting comments or sending messages). Our server was undergoing maintenance but things should be running smoothly now.

  2. That is an almost shockingly great freebie!! :-) Oberhausen for free! Pure synchronicity as Oberheim the firm also got relaunched today

    • Synchronicity indeed. I have been thinking of the Black Box Analog HG-2MS for a while now and then this amazing deal comes through.

  3. I’m not too crazy about Neutron, it’s almost always on sale and if someone wanted to grab it, did it already for few bucks but the Plugin Alliance bundle… just left me speechless.
    All these plugins are top tier industry standards, in total worth hundreds (even if you consider regular sales and vouchers from PA). Probably one of the best vst freebies of all time and never mind I already own Focusrite, Masterdesk and Ampeg :D
    Thanks a million times for sharing these awesome news!

    • I welcome izotope, but Neutron Elements is a drop in the ocean compared to the Plugin Alliance offering at this time.
      I think I have earned Neutron Elements several times over before free, shopping at Plugin Boutique

      • Somehow Neutron is the only one out of the “Elements” trio that i kept missing for free for the last 3 years. Glad to finally get it, if only to complete my “Elements” trio. XD

  4. Like when airlines join together to create Star Alliances, this is also maybe the future of plugin developers, creating alliances to stay afloat

    • I got “Error creating license file.” when trying to activate the Plugin Alliance plugins on the Mac (MacOS Monterey).Their support page says to change permissions on a fairly big Application Support folder on my Mac (which isn’t straight forward in Monterey due to security) or use a USB stick for the licence file. Anyone know what’s up with that?

    • This is why it is a good idea to buy plugins from developers that don’t do sales, they just price their plugin at a reasonable price.

  5. Thanks for everything Tomislav, BPB 🙏
    What a very generous celebration offer of Soundwide’s partnership from all involved but especially from Brainworx who suffered with the terrible flood damage last year, good on em & thank you ☘️❤️😊

  6. Based on the email I got from Plugin Alliance, I thought I had to endure installing yet another installation manager, But luckily in my PA account I can download the installers, and even authorize the plugins offline. Great! :-)

  7. This Bundle iss a real nice gift, bought Oberhausen in the first sale when it was realesed and only this synth is a big big gift, or the best synth gift i´ve ever seen, together with the Blackbox HG2, Focusrite Channelstrip and Shadow Hill Mastering Comp it´s incredible If someone needs a real big sounding synth for less money buy knifonium in salle, it´s also really cool thick sounding device. I also bought elysia mpressor, Millennia NSEQ-2, Lindell Audio TE-100, Brainworx bx_digital V2 and the nice spectral grain delay sandman pro years ago. I have quiet the same collection of PA stuff like J and most stuff for free. Plugin Alliance was and is the best pro effect seller in the market, most of the waves stuff compared with it is overpriced trash.

    I don´t know why PA made this step, so last year they lost their working space in a flood and maybe the got a little bit bankrupt, we don´t know….

    But thanks a lot for your work, PA is one of the companys how pushed the sound of small homeproducers massive :)

  8. Old Dirty BASStard


    The PA plugins crash my DAWs and even standalone plugin hosts. Discovered the problem has to do with the GPU. When I use the integrated graphic card they work fine but crash when I switch to The Geforce card. It must be something to do with open GL. Problem is most of my other plugins prefer the GeForce especially Serato Sample which is used a lot so sadly I’m gonna have to miss out. A googlle search showed that there are many others with similar problem but PA doesn’t seem interested considering their lack of proper response to those who brought said issue to their attention.

  9. Eric Korbly


    Eventually after signing up, & looking around PA’s website not finding anything more than promises of free plugins I started by logging in then systematically went link to page exploring links then back to first page, like exploring a tree from the trunk onto branch into more branches back to the trunk etc …
    Maybe it’s my OS, or my browser? On this device all software is up to date. It’s Safari on an Apple device. Feels like bait & switch.
    I have a time limit rule when pursuing free plugins. Companies that really want you to have a product sample for free, make their item easy to find, & at most prompt user to create some form of account / checkout to gain file for download.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hi Eric, the offer in this article has expired. PA still offers some free plugins, but the ones listed here were available for a limited time only.

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