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Time to make moves! For twelve days only, Audio Plugin Deals is offering the Sick Noise 3-in-1 Bundle (usually $71) for FREE!

The free Sick Noise 3-in-1 Bundle includes NOIZECLICK, a new kick drum synthesizer, Roboticon, a radical set of over 60+ Psychedelic Serum presets, and lastly, Sick Noise Vol.1, an additional collection of 35 Serum presets and 45 audio effects samples for those looking to produce otherworldly psytrance bangers.

Here’s a brief rundown of everything this bundle has to offer.

NOIZECLICK – Kick Drum Synthesizer

Let’s begin with the basics! NOIZECLICK features an easy-to-use interface so you can quickly dial in and tune your kick. This is paired with an offering of modifiers such as attack, release, sustain, and some filters (hi/lo-pass). Tuning and perfecting a kick can be annoying, so it’s nice to have everything in an all-in-one package.

While this plugin is predominantly for electronic music, it can be useful for pop or hip-hop, but you have to get creative – I’ll tell you what I mean. Using the NOIZECLICK’s built-in high pass filter, you can turn any kick into a click that can be subtly layered to give any pre-existing bass drums a bit more bite.

While it can be nice to work with high-quality samples, you’re often limited in how you can modify them. With the NOIZECLICK plugin, you’re actually crafting a kick from the ground up. It can be intimidating at first, but I think it’s a skill all producers could benefit from learning.

In any plugin, there’s the possibility to add endless options, but at the end of the day, this one has one humble purpose- to make kicks.

NOIZECLICK did a great job providing a nice array of controls without overwhelming the user with options. As a result, you’re left with a simple yet effective plugin that can be useful to any producer, whether you’re looking to headline a trance festival or just help a pop kick cut through the mix a little bit more.

ROBOTICON – Serum Presets

As the name implies, these presets are pretty mechanical sounding. Within the 65+ presets, there’s a wide variety of sounds that could be used for wild trance leads, scratchy high-bass, and dynamic arps.

Beyond that, some sounds could be used widely across many electronic genres. I specifically liked the preset “LEAD Violin From Planet Chao” and found that it could easily be mixed into more mellow house beats or even as a cool layer in a hip-hop/trap beat.

Sick Noise Vol.1 – Serum Presets & Audio FX

Like the ROBOTICON presets, Sick Noise Vol.1 features numerous metallic leads but more prominently features some very cool sound effects.

This Serum pack is great for those looking to add some gritty FX and edge to their Psytrance tracks!

Download/installation is a little tricky but worth it for the value.

Just follow the link, add the package to your cart, and checkout. It’ll ask you for a standard set of information such as name, shipping address, and a password to create an account. You’ll then be sent an email full of coupon codes, follow the links to the Sick Noise Instruments website, add all plugins to your cart, apply the codes, and you’ll get your FREE products!

NOIZECLICK is available in VST3/64 bit (Windows), AU (Mac 10.8 Mountain Lion or above). Not compatible with macOS Catalina or Big Sur. Compatible with nearly all DAWs except for Pro Tools. ROBOTICON and Sick Noise Vol.1 presets are compatible with Serum version 1.286 or higher.

Download: Sick Noise 3-in-1 Bundle (FREE @ Audio Plugin Deals)


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  1. FYI – has a $15 off coupon (no minimum) for the next day and a half: FLASH15

    They have quite a few sample packs on sale for under $15 in case anyone is interested, meaning you can get some for free.

    • If you were early enough they even let you buy their mystery bundle of 10.5Gb for 15$ deal. Unfortunately I believe that has just expired

  2. funny i didn’t get a code with the Serum Presets & NoizeClick Plugin email or account page download just says.

    2, Next, navigate to the cart page, and use the following codes to reduce your cart total to $0:

    But there is no code?

    • Download instructions are in the email they send immediately after purchase. They always operate that way, none of the free goodies from affiliates are kept in your account.

      • You have to make the order again since ran out of coupon codes.

        Here’s Sick Noise Instruments response:

        Thank you for message us. Please try to apply for new coupon code. Yesterday Audo Plugin Deals run out of coupons but now they have more.

        All the best

        Sick Noise Instruments

    • Free $15 Cymatics Gift Card

      Use code “FLASH15” at checkout with any pack or plugin in our store

      They’ll only be available for the next 48 hours

  3. Michal Ochedowski


    The discount code for Cymatics doesn’t work. According to comment above it should still be valid.

    • maybe in the meantime not anymore, but it worked. i got the code via email on april 16., around 9 pm in germany. in the email it said 48 hours, i used it the same evening and it worked fine

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