Flux Mini 2 Is A FREE Modulation Plugin By Caelum Audio


Caelum Audio offers Flux Mini 2, a FREE modulation plugin for macOS, iOS, and Windows.

Some of you will be familiar with the original Flux Mini, which is already a well-received plugin. Flux Mini 2 continues down the same path of making your sound more interesting with minimal effort.

Flux Mini 2 offers simple sidechains and subtle to manic modulations like the original.

Also, like the original, it features an LFO module with three modulation targets: LPF, BPF, and HPF.

Flux Mini 2 has a similar but more spacious and modern GUI than its predecessor. On the left-hand side, where you select the modulation target, you’ll find Cutoff, Resonance, and volume controls. Beneath those, you’ll find Sync (1/32 T to 32 Bars) and Mix (Dry/Wet signal).

The most exciting thing about this plugin is the customizable graph, which takes up most of the GUI.

If you choose one of the 20 or so presets, you’ll see the LFO shape appear in the graph. The graph can become a live waveform display by activating the Visualizer in settings, which is pretty cool.

The presets, in my opinion, are very useful as they are or just as starting points. I really like the more subtle ones like the Fakechains, Mau6 Pads, Gate Triplet, and Pumping HPF. But there are some crazier ones in there, too, if that’s what you need.

I mentioned that the graph is customizable, and that’s where you can take control. You can drag existing curve points, double-click to add new ones, or draw an entirely custom shape.

To the right of the Mix knob are a couple of interesting buttons that can add or remove an identical shape to/from your graph. So, you can double or triple (or more) your LFO shape within the current Sync setting.

Flux Mini 2 also gives you the option to route MIDI to the plugin to retrigger the envelope or trigger envelope one-shots.

One of my favorite qualities in any software is being a time-saver without taking away the user’s musicianship, and that’s what Flux Mini 2 seems like to me. If you need to quickly add some excitement, movement, and interest to your sound, it’s an absolutely lovely freebie. A big thank you to Caelum Audio for Flux Mini 2 and their other freebies like Tape Cassette 2 and various sample packs – check them out.

Flux Mini 2 is available in AU, AUv3, VST, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS, iOS, and Windows.

Download: Flux Mini 2 (freeware)


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  1. Flux Mini 2 can output MIDI CC to control parameters in other plugins. In this regard, it complements the free Audiomodern Gatelab gate sequencer which can also output MIDI CC.

  2. This is quite good for another Filtershaper Alternative out there!
    But issue right now is I cant seem to get an activation email after registering an account at Caelum Audio’s site…
    Well I guess its time to wait for a while until its fixed ^^;

    But hey! Thanks for the heads up for this nice little tool, James!

      • Glad to hear it worked in the end. Websites are like working with kids or animals on live TV, things rarely go to plan haha. But, I’m liking this freebie, and loving April!


  3. Just got the latest issue of Computer Music, which features the CM Plugin Suite updated to V2. But they still have the “old” version of Flux Mini, not Mini 2.

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