Monster Synth Is A FREE Sample-Based Instrument By Agus Hardiman


Agus Hardiman releases Monster Synth, a freeware cross-platform VST plugin jam-packed with synthesizer sounds.

Monster Synth is a sample-based virtual instrument with a 760 MB sound library. The current version contains 100 presets.

The instrument was created by Agus Hardiman (aka MonsterDAW), the developer who brought us the popular Monster Drums plugin. He also made the Monster Bass and Monster Piano virtual instruments.

Monster Synth features a simple but wonderfully designed user interface. The user can adjust the ADSR envelope, filter type/cutoff, reverb amount, glide amount, and various modulation parameters (shape, intensity, destination).

The streamlined control set isn’t ideal for advanced synthesists, but it’s perfect for users who need quick access to ready-made synth sounds and the ability to tweak them.

Speaking of ready-made sounds, Monster Synth comes with 100 presets. It looks like more presets are coming soon. The developer invites sound designers interested in collaborating to reach out and share some sounds.

The available presets are sorted into categories to make browsing easier. You can choose between Bells, Brass, Pads, Riser, Weird SFX, etc.

The included sounds are pretty good, and they’re suitable for use in various music styles. Most of the sounds are complex and layered, with plenty of texture and movement.

Another thing worth pointing out is that Monster Synth isn’t CPU-intensive because it’s a sample-based instrument. So, if your computer isn’t super powerful, it’s a good idea to use a lightweight instrument like Monster Synth.

The download process is simple but not ideal. You will have to download the plugin installer and the library files separately, and you’ll have to complete the checkout process each time. This isn’t a problem, but it can confuse some users.

Thankfully, the product page linked below contains detailed instructions on downloading and installing the plugin files on your computer.

Once you’ve downloaded all the files, place the Monster Synth file in your VST plugins folder and use it to open the library file.

Check out the product page linked below for more info about Monster Synth and the installation process. It contains some valuable tips on using the instrument in your favorite DAW and fixing some common issues.

Monster Synth is available in VST2, VST3, and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS. Only 64-bit plugin hosts are supported.

Download: Monster Synth (795 MB download size, ZIP archive, 64-bit VST2/VST3/AU plugin formats for Windows & macOS)


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Great freebie :-) Maybe I have been stupid but I didn’t realize one could place the MSE the sound library in a different folder than the plugin. Has it always been like that or is it a new feature for Maize Sound Sampler libs ?

  2. Thank you for all you do. Very excited about this plug, but having severe audio issues in Reaper when playing existing midi files. Audio plays initially and then almost completely disappears. it keeps cutting in and out and everytime i try to print an audio file take there’s no sound. every other plugin I have works fine. I emailed him hoping for help. Best regards.

  3. I like too much this synth as well any similar,
    in the days when there are so many software instruments
    sometimes we need a simple one, ready for use, equipped
    and delivering completed sonics and patches that inspire.
    I like most of the presets, but can’t accept several names
    containing bad words like “hell”, “devil” and so …(my taste).
    I’m very impressed and inspired how would use and include
    this audio machine to our arsenal and next future productions.
    It’s so funny how some muddy sounds forced me creating and
    then add such extreme equalizers to reach any emulsive sounds.
    So, i really like and enjoy with this “Monster Synth” today.
    Here is a simple example what i tried with it at first time,
    where went my passion, only used one patch “Mallet 004”
    in the main track, the pattern that the demo starts with: examples/In the Morning 1F.mp3

      • Probably here is not the right place, i only published a short demo
        (that i created quickly, made during first impression and feeling)
        and what we could done with the synth and patches presented here …
        In the last years we only take care to survive and to try restore
        our life and our musical activities, hoping we can add some parts of
        our contributions to the world, partially in the area of art and music.
        You can touch some aspects of few main directions we wish to work
        and anybody would feel and imagine what to expect in the future, at: (still not active as we want)

  4. Puremagnetik release Loom for Windows and OSX, which is both a generative FM synthesizer and a texture machine, costs just $1 (plus VAT). The download includes an album by Puremagnetik artists.

  5. I dont say no to a free synth but this one sounds incredible dry.

    The devs should add a delay, and the possibity of someting like a note delay, so when you play a note it frets and the voices comes out at diferent times.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      The plugin was made using Maize Sampler, a program for making sample-based plugins. Unfortunately, it only includes a reverb effect and it’s not possible to add other effects.

  6. Hello … when I go to open the .zip file (AU) it writes to me “impossible to extract … etc. etc.” (already downloaded twice)
    The library, on the other hand, does not let me download it!

    • Hi Marco, I know it’s an old comment and maybe you are not interested anymore. If you still want to try this, please email me at info at agushardiman dot tv. I can send you the direct file.

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