Monster Piano Is A FREE Acoustic Piano By MonsterDAW


Monster Piano is a new lightweight acoustic piano VST developed by MonsterDAW, and it is available for FREE! Simply visit their website and download the plugin for Windows or macOS.

There is no installer/setup file right now, so users have to manually extract it to your plugins folder. You can find a step-by-step guide for Windows and macOS on MonsterDAW’s website.

Monster Piano comes with 10 to-the-point presets, including Grand Piano, Upright Piano, and Baby Grand. The GUI is straightforward with no knobs. You can tweak the sound of this piano directly from your DAW in any way you want using an effects filter.

The plugin’s overwhelming simplicity works well in its favor, as it has low RAM usage and loads almost instantly. Running multiple instances of this across tracks would be easy, even on an old desktop.

Even though it’s compact and simple, the tones this piano plugin offers carry a lot of depth and nuance. Between the 10 presets currently available, you can find sounds suitable for many genres – from pop and rock to jazz and classical. I particularly liked the ‘Anarchy’ preset, as it has a lot of bite to it.

Here’s a quick video demo of all the presets in this plugin:

Monster Piano is available for Windows 64/32 bit as VST and macOS as VST and AU. So you can use this on all major DAWs, and ProTools users can use BlueCat Patchwork to use the VST version.

“MonsterPianoVST is a Free Piano VST with various Preset, including Grand Piano, Baby Grand, and Upright Piano. It covers multi-tone characters, suitable for Pop to Rock, Jazz, Classical, and everything in between. The size of the sampling is small but still fun to play (I hope so). The great thing about this VST is that this is never complete. This VST gets a new expansion (preset) sound continuously every now and then so stay tuned for more!”

The plugin’s developer, Agus Hardiman, has also promised new sound expansions and presets in the future, so this plugin’s capabilities should get even better with time.

Overall the Monster Piano is a great acoustic piano plugin, and it’s a quick, free way to create cool melodies and explore new musical ideas. The tones sound great, and its lightweight nature makes it suitable for slower laptops.

Download: Monster Piano (32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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Anshul Jain is a content writer and session guitarist from India. An avid fan of rock and metal, he is 1/6th of the progressive act Black Flower.


  1. Unless your DAW is allergic to Maize Sampler instruments or the typical piano sound of a modern hardware rompler isn’t your cup of , I see little to no reason not to give this a go. It won’t replace your gigabytes-hungry library, but as an ITB alternative to your ageing hardware synth? Looking forward to future expansions.

    • Lol well thanks for your input. However, I think everyone should make his/her own decision as to whether this is worth a download or not. I plan to download this as soon as I have access to my laptop. YMMV.

      • I fail to see where I forced anyone to do anything ever, but anyway. YMMV indeed, but in kilometers per hour as I’m not a savage.
        !yebO. secneuqesnoc eht reffus ro won ti daolnwoD

        • I never said not implied that you forced anyone to do anything, MRG. I’m glad we can agree that everyone’s mileage may vary. Cute little dig in there too. Classy! Feel better? 🙄

  2. I’ll give this a test drive and see what I think…. You haven’t mentioned M1 Silicon compatibility so I’m installing on my older Intel Mac for now in the components folder. When something is a freebie I’m willing to give it a go and see what fun sounds I can get.

    • Those plugins are created using ‘Maize Sampler’, which is a tool to build sample-based plugins without coding it yourself. That tool was, AFAIK, not been updated in a while, and some of its users are even using older versions than the latest one available for… reasons (^_^;). Don’t expect native M1 support, but isn’t that why Apple created Rosetta 2? Basically if the plugins from SampleScience (also a Maize user) works for you, it SHOULD work just as good/bad, given the version of Maize used.

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