Streamline Your Music Production Workflow With SoundBuddy (GIVEAWAY)


Dutch Tigers offer a FREE one-year SoundBuddy license to one lucky BPB reader. Learn more about how SoundBuddy lets you speed up your music production workflow in the article below.

Dutch Tigers is the team behind SoundBuddy, a new content management system for your DAW. A SoundBuddy license costs $30 per year and a perpetual license is available for a $75 one-time payment.

The developers have kindly offered a free one-year subscription to a lucky BPB reader, but more on that after we take a closer look at SoudBuddy.

SoundBuddy Overview

When I talk about software, whether it’s a tape emulation plugin or a virtual instrument, I usually mention the importance of a clean, no-hassle workflow. I’m not saying anything that isn’t already common knowledge, but I repeat it often because we still see incredible potential ruined by a clunky, tedious user experience at times.

In the spirit of working easier and faster, anything that promises to help us do that is worth checking out.

SoundBuddy aims to take away much of the tedious searching and clicking by storing all of your DAW content in one very organized place.

You can store samples, MIDI, and presets from your DAW in SoundBuddy for instant recall. Your content is stored in handy libraries, categorizing effects, instruments, MIDI chords, samples, and so on.

SoundBuddy will automatically attempt to tag it using file names as a guide as you import content. You can customize tags and even rate content as you add it.

Once you have SounBuddy packed with content, you can search by name, tag, or rating.

SoundBuddy’s DAW integration window stays at the top of your screen, making it easy to add content to your libraries or drag from a library into your project. It should save a lot of time on loading presets, as you don’t need to load the plugin first.

The libraries constantly monitor your DAW to make sure any changes are updated in SoundBuddy.

The DAW integration window also has some useful filtering and randomization options. It’s good to go random at times; we end up with so many sounds we forget what we have. Or, we can’t get over a particular hump, and we need something unexpected.

” You use your DAW to produce, mix and master. You create the coolest sounds with your instrument plugins and spice things up with your effect plugins. This is what you are good at! Now let SoundBuddy manage your digital audio content so you can work more efficiently, stay organized, and get inspired!”

SoundBuddy comes with 7500 free chords already in the MIDI Chords library to get you started.

I’m overly fastidious in many ways; I’m absolute chaos in other ways. So, I balance out as reasonably organized. But my small home studio still ends up with a spaghetti junction of cables everywhere; I just hide them well.

Routing cables neatly is like a lost art to me; I can never maintain it when dealing with more than a handful of cables going in different directions.

SoundBuddy seems like the digital version of what I need someone to do to my studio; make it as organized and well-kept behind the scenes as it looks on the surface.

SoundBuddy Giveaway

Dutch Tigers offer a FREE one-year SoundBuddy subscription to one lucky BPB reader!

To enter the giveaway, simply answer this question in the comments section below: What is your favorite DAW?

The winner will be announced on Monday, May 23rd.

Good luck, and thanks for reading BPB!

More info: SoundBuddy ($30 per year, $75 perpetual license)

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  1. pro tools for editing and mixing, reason and ableton for beats, logic for price

    (tried mixbus, fruity loops, cubase, havent tried studio one and reaper)

  2. My favorite DAW is Studio one 5 artist for me at the moment it has a lot of functionality and a small price (for users of some presonus audio interfaces it is free).

  3. Ableton and Bitwig for composition, Reaper for audio editing, sound design, plugin testing and overall nerdiness <3

  4. Since we are on the task at creating and working on the best workflows, I have to admit that Logic has my heart set on it and that’s the software I will vote for

  5. FL studio has great capabilities but I do enjoy the UI of Logic a lot, if only it didn’t take so much CPU on average.

  6. Ableton is my favorite but Logic is great too and unpopular opinion but every DAW has their strong suit.

  7. actually it would be interesting to count the votes in the end.

    maybe also a short comment about what people mostly do with their daw/-s would be nice to read here.
    it looks like more people actually produce electronic music than doing just recording/mixing/postproduction and other things.

  8. Michal Ochedowski


    Acustica Audio offers Silver Volume 1 for free. As usual available in the Aquarius software.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hi Michal, can you please share the link? I see a $29 price tag on the Silver Volume 1 page. Thanks!

      • Michal Ochedowski


        Hello Tomislav. This information was included in their newsletter. I gathered that it’s for registered users that have Aquarius installed. When I launched the application, it was there ready to be installed. I have no idea why they would send it only to selected users. If that’s the case, sorry for the confusion.

        • Tomislav Zlatic


          Hi Michal, thanks for the info! I noticed it’s also announced on their homepage, but there’s no additional info about the freebie. I’ll investigate further. Thanks again for the info about the freebie!

          • Michal Ochedowski


            Glad I could help. I have one more good freebie info: Schulz Audio offers JP-ME-1 reverb plugin. It’s not the first time they have this promotion. Back in April 2020 it’s been featured on BPB. There is currently an update celebration on their website. It looks like it’s going to last for the next 9 days. I wouldn’t wait that long though :) Reverb plugin doesn’t get more simple than JP-ME-1 and it sounds excellent too.

  9. Pro Tools… I have been using it forever and I love it! But I hate their IMPRISONMENT update plans!

  10. Suave Audio


    Pro Tools! only without that shitty subscription policy. Otherwise, Studio One with their rent-to-own via Splice would do good.

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