Bluezone Corporation Releases 12 FREE SFX Sample Packs


Bluezone Corporation has released twelve free sample packs to spark your creativity. The provided sounds cover a variety of styles, ranging from cinematic impacts to ambient chillout pads.

The 12 sample pack themes are: ambient, cinematic, chillout, dark ambient, hard techno, minimal techno, tribal house, world music, progressive house, psytrance, and ethnic music.

The ambient and the cinematic sample packs feature the most samples out of all the packs, with both of them offering very emotional samples. The ambient specifically delivers the big atmospheric harmonically pleasing elements that add great texture to a piece of music.

The cinematic sample pack offers the widest variety of sounds; varying vastly from harmonic samples to drums and harmonic loops. However, it stays consistent with the elements that pertain to cinematic music and the emotion that cinematic music typically creates.

The chillout one brings vibes of joy and tranquillity alongside relaxing medium-tempo drum loops.

The dark ambient sample pack gives you an unsettling vibe that is more experimental in its designs but very unique and consistent.

The hard techno sample pack offers crazy sound FX alongside hardstyle drum and percussive samples and loops.

The tribal house sample pack features a bunch of high-tempo tribal drums that will make you feel like you’re dancing around a fire.

The world music pack features drum sounds and loops that are fairly tribal as well but obviously classify into the world music category.

The minimal techno sample pack doesn’t offer much at all, aside from drum loops that leave plenty of space for harmonics.

The progressive house collection offers digital synth loops, bass loops, and drum loops that have a groovy electronic vibe.

The ethnic music pack contains African and Indian drum loops and percussive sounds that will make your body want to move.

The psytrance sample pack delivers exactly the type of sounds that you often hear in psytrance: punchy bass, deep kicks, digital sounds, and psychedelic vibes.

The samples come in WAV format and are labeled according to their name. If I had any criticism, I wish the names of the sounds were simpler so that the curious music producer could have a better context each time they scroll through the samples.

Bluezone Corporation gives you the option to download each sample pack individually as a ZIP file. The download sizes vary pretty greatly: ranging from around 20MB to around 150MB and total to less than 1GB of storage.

You can download the sample packs here on their website. You do not have to type in your email to sign up or make any sort of account to download these sample packs. You simply just have to click download and the sounds will soon be ready to import into your DAW.

Download: Bluezone Corporation


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  1. This is great. However, I cannot find any information on their website regarding royalties? Are these samples free or royalty-free? I recommend caution.

    • As stated per licence file: “The sounds are royalty-free …”. This licence file is included in every .zip.

      • Honestly, and this may just be luck but, I’ve never downloaded or found a sample pack offered for free that isn’t also royalty-free for commercial use. It’s certainly important to be extra sure so you don’t end up with unexpected bills later on, but I’ve downloaded Terabytes of samples and none of them required royalties.

  2. As stated on their homepage: All of our sample packs are royalty-free and can be used in commercial projects without any restrictions.


  3. Konstantin Kobaltov


    What about an additional 1GB samplepack? There, if you scroll to the bottom on the main page:

    “DOWNLOAD 1GB OF FREE SOUNDS. Because we understand the importance of a successful user experience, we are excited to be able to offer you this sample pack. This free sound pack contains a selection from our professional sound libraries and will expand the possibilities of your productions”

    Or maybe this samplepack has already been here before?

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