Rob Papen Releases FREE RP-PAN Modulation Plugin


Rob Papen celebrates the 25th anniversary of his brand with a new freebie: RP-PAN creative panning plugin for macOS and Windows.

With successful releases like Blue II FM synth and Blade II under his belt, it’s fair to say Rob Papen is a celebrated developer. Now, the multi-talented developer, sound designer, and musician has some celebrating of his own to do.

25 years in business is a massive achievement for any brand, and Rob Papen is marking the occasion in style.

The release of RP-PAN, a creative panning FX plugin, isn’t Rob Papen’s only anniversary surprise. He’s also offering a 25% discount on all RP plugins. The discount is available at the Rob Papen store and via Plugin Boutique until June 30th, 2022.

On that note, it’s a good time for a reminder that the Soundwide Intro Bundle is still available for £44.95 (97% discount) at Plugin Boutique.

RP-PAN is a simple but clever plugin that allows you to record pan movements between left and right in the stereo field. That description might not sound overly exciting yet, but in typical Rob Papen style, RP-PAN has some quirky features to make things more interesting.

The heart of the plugin is the Panning Sphere, which you can see right in the middle of the GUI. You can drag it manually to record pan movements or use one of the included presets.

RP-PAN allows for straightforward or complex panning movements that can change the feel of a track without changing the character of the sound.

It also features a Doppler FX option and Lazy Mode for automatic panning movements.

The most interesting aspect of RP-PAN has to be the tempo-based Spring Back feature. Spring Back lets the Panning Sphere revert to the Center or Left/Right positions. You can adjust the Spring Back Time, Destination, and Quantization.

Here’s a quote from Rob Papen’s website: “From left to right, the center position of the – Rob Papen – brand has always been about creating plugins that think outside of the box whilst being extremely useful at the same time, this of course really ‘pans’ out literally in your music productions!”

RP-PAN is another welcome addition to what has been a good few weeks for panning effects. We recently looked at the very cool Panflow by Audiomodern; check it out if you haven’t already.

RP-PAN is available in AU, VST, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS (10.13 to 12 – M1 compatible) and Windows (7/8/10/11).

Download: RP-PAN


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  1. Happy 25 RP :-) What is cool is that the plug is downloaded directly from the website, no hoop jumping, no in basket or checkout,

  2. Cool pan effect and the added doppler gives it that little extra!

    I don’t do installers so I extracted it with UniExtract but I have a problem with presets. The plugin works great but it can’t read presets as it can’t find the folder (I tried a few obvious locations with no success).

    Anyone knows the path that the presets are installed for the Windows version?

    Thanks in advance for any info.

    • @ PANNERX, no I dont know the path. Can you explain please what is the purpose of doing this way you described? I hardly can see any benefit doing this, so I would like to know more. Thanks.

      • Avoid the cluttering of my registry and install / uninstall windows tool with useless information, entries and leftovers from (myriad) plugins (which I may or may not keep at the end of the day).

        Allows me to try plugins without being afraid of leftovers in god knows where (I am aware that some registry entries will be made anyway).

        I like having control of what gets installed and where. Simple as that. I don’t have a problem with a few selected apps getting properly installed but plugins? It’s just a .dll allow me to drop it where I want. Fast and simple.

        On the bonus side I can organize stuff the way I want to and keep my crucial portable studio on-the-go USB flash stick up to date easily.

        • Beside you studio computer, don’t you have an older computer, you can use to install stuff on, and study where the installer puts folder and files ? AFAIK few VSTs come as simple dll files these days, they more than often contain links to presets and other folders that the installers implements.

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