Get 98% OFF Soundwide Intro Bundle Worth £1,999


Plugin Boutique offers a massive 98% discount on the Soundwide Intro Bundle.

Soundwide Intro Bundle features fifteen products from iZotope, Native Instruments, and Brainworx with a combined value of £1,999.

Don’t be put off by the mammoth price tag because right now, we can get it all for just £44.95, which seems insane (not that I’m complaining).

We are used to some pretty awesome deals and freebies from Plugin Boutique, but this is one of those that makes you think you read the info wrong. I know list prices during promotions can sometimes be misleading (unintentionally, of course…), but there’s no universe where this bundle isn’t an absolute steal at £44.95.

I think there’s more chance of Celine Dion releasing a Gangsta Rap album than finding it cheaper.

Here’s a complete list of the included products.


  • RX Elements
  • Ozone Elements
  • Neutron Elements
  • Nectar Elements
  • Trash 2
  • VocalSynth 2
  • R4 Exponential Audio
  • Nimbus Exponential Audio

Native Instruments:

  • Massive
  • Guitar Rig 6 LE


  • bx_digital V3
  • bx_subsynth
  • bx_console N
  • bx_stereomaker
  • bx_delay 2500

Those products make a pretty comprehensive collection, covering a lot of different tasks and use cases.

As far as the iZotope stuff goes, I already use RX, and I think it’s great. I have VocalSynth 2 also, and I find it a bit hit and miss, but if you spend time with it, you can get some very nice sounds. I’ve missed Exponential Audio plugins during previous deals, so I’m glad to see them listed.

I’m not a Kontakt fan, usually limiting my interest in Native Instruments, but I used to use Massive daily and loved it. I know many people who still depend on Massive every time they make a track, so it’s a good one to get if you don’t have it.

The Brainworx stuff is something else I’ve missed out on in the past, so that definitely gets my interest.

There’s far too much in this bundle to discuss individually, but it’s fair to say it’s a powerhouse collection at this price.

I know money is generally tight when you are a gear/plugin addict, but I’d grab this one if you’ve got anything in your plugin fund. If you are newer to producing/mixing and don’t have a vast arsenal of tools yet, this is a superb foundation to build on.

As a bonus, purchasing the bundle will get you a free copy of Duo from Antares.

More info: Soundwide Intro Bundle (98% OFF)

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  1. imagine them puzzling together official retail prices from their complete range of plugins until they reached exactly 1999 pounds.

  2. I´m a little bit pissed by this “deal” cause i bought last autum at the sale bx_digital V3 and the only thing what looks interesting is maybe NI´s massive, but yeah for what if you own a bunch of cherry audio stuff and synths like hyperwave, the legend, mono and polysix, parsec, fm7 antidote, solar, viking vk2, nostromo (i know it´s eclusive reason stuff) and also izotopes iris… and the only synth wich could interessting at the end your looking for is is uhe´s diva. than it´s superfluous.

    Is izotope vocalsynth worth the money i ask myself, if you own soundtoyas little alter boy wich sound quiet nice and not cheap digital in conclusion.
    The rest isn´t interresting for me at all, espacial delays and channel strips, also i got for free most of the izotope overrated stuff.

    So yeah for someone how own nothing this deal is a really cool starting point!

  3. Ok, first this seems like a super deal for 50$, but look further – it should be renamed to absolute beginner startup bundle. Disappointing for the rest of us.

    NI contribution is very weak. Massive is very old and shows it’s age. I must admit t sounds still good. GR6 LE is completely stripped down. The Pro version is included in Komplete SELECT and this one was bundled for free in the NI easter sale – use their sales and you get so much more out of them. Apparently they had some pain to contribute something of worth so they chose those two plugins. If you want massive, get Komplete Select and go Massive X and GR 6 Pro (and loads of other stuff).

    Izotope stuff this is all their downhill cheap stuff which seems to be in sales and bundles all of the time. Most of us own those because of occ freebies anyway. Only exception is Vocal Synth 2 for anyone needing a plugin like this, not owning a vocoder etc. Anything else here is old and gets no love from Izotope.

    The stuff from BX is ok, but nothing to write home about, because it covers no exotic functions (eq, strip, delay, subbass, stereo mixer). Chances are, you already have solutions to that, even in your DAW. I don’t say, bx_digital v3 is bad, i’m just saying, if you want this particular one don’t buy this bundle for it – you are better off to wait for a PA sale.

    • I agree that NI could have put more into the deal. Komplete Elements that cost the same as this compilation back in the day also came with Guitar Rig LE

    • Yes,it has a lot of stuff not that valuable,but consider the price,it’s not that bad.And why you said massive is old,it’s classical.

  4. Contrabass flute freebie for Kontakt just released (full version of Kontakt needed)

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