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Audio Plugin Deals launched an 80% OFF deal on the Firechild compressor plugin by Tone Empire.

Modeled after the legendary tube-based Fairchild compressors, the Firechild plugin by Tone Empire is an accurate emulation that can add vintage warmth and body to any track.

Tone Empire is known for its quality emulations of famous analog effects. The company even says its goal in forming was to “make a dedicated brand for high-end signal processors in the software world”.

Their Firechild compressor is one great exemplification of this goal.

The original Fairchild of the late ‘50s and ’60s was known for using vacuum tubes to achieve compression.

Audio signals are sent through these tubes, and the compression ratio increases based on the gain reduction level. This results in an excellent warm and organic-sounding compression.

Tone Empire combined many of the best aspects of the original analog unit and put it together in one easy-to-use digital plugin.

Featuring four different models (A, B, C, and Off), users can select between various modeled emulations of the original hardware units.

Each model has unique characteristics and can add different colors to your tracks.

In addition to these four models are six different release times. Each release time is based on an emulation of an original Fairchild unit in a different life stage- each one will have a unique tone based on the age of the tubes, condition of the unit, etc.

Right out of the box, users can select between 100+ presets explicitly designed for various instruments such as bass, drums, and vocals.

These presets work well when applied to individual tracks but can also be used as a compressor in the master chain to add classic tone to the whole track.

Tone Empire has even added a built-in side-chaining control with HPF and LPF. There is also a dry/wet knob to control to determine relative levels of dry signal mixed with the wet.

To purchase Firechild, follow the link to the product page and add the plugin to your cart. Once you’ve completed the checkout process, you’ll receive download/installation instructions.

This plugin works on Windows 10 and newer or on macOS 10.13 and more recent. It is compatible with any DAW that supports VST3, AU, or AAX formats.

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Get the deal: Tone Empire Firechild


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