Puncher 2 Is FREE With Any Purchase @ ADSR Sounds


Puncher 2 from W.A Production is FREE with any purchase at ADSR Sounds.

W.A Production’s Puncher 2 is a multi-effect plugin for macOS and Windows, and it’s FREE with any qualifying purchase from ADSR Sounds throughout July 2022.

Puncher 2 adds impact and punch to your track, as the name suggests. If part of a song isn’t hitting as it should, you shouldn’t throw it straight in the bin (unless it’s the Dustbin); you should look to something like Puncher 2 to bring it to life.

This multi-effect plugin combines a transient shaper, a multiband compressor, and a parallel compressor.

The three main sections of Puncher 2 are laid out nicely in a clean and clear GUI.

The GUI provides visual feedback with a large before/after wave display and level meters.

Each of the main sections (Transient, Multiband, and Parallel) has a main intensity knob that controls the level/amount of that effect. Beyond the main intensity knob, each section also has some advanced controls that offer more detailed settings.

The Transients section allows you to manipulate the transients and sustain of your track. You can adjust the bandwidth, stereo-linking, and envelope length of the detection signal via the advanced settings. You can also alter the maximum boost/cut applied to the transients/sustain, making it a fairly precise tool.

The Multiband section provides a taste of smooth analog-style compression. It splits your track into four bands and applies logarithmic attack and release to the required gain reduction value rather than the detection signal. Each band has a dedicated compressor.

The Parallel section offers smooth analog-style compression or more aggressive digital compression. It allows you to adjust the dynamic range without reducing the peak level and can provide a natural-sounding solution to taming extreme dynamics.

The main sections have a bypass button, and the Puncher 2 logo acts as a bypass switch for the plugin.

It comes with a bunch of andy presets designed for use on various instruments and vocals.

Puncher 2 is a plugin that can deliver more punch and enhanced clarity.

It’s available in AU, VST, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS (10.15 upwards) and Windows (8 upwards).

W.A Production is the team that brought us Punchy Worm not too long ago, and right now, they have a Super Smash Sale with up to 95% off (ends very soon).

Download: Puncher 2 (FREE with any purchase @ ADSR Sounds)


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