Plugin Boutique Offers FREE Plugins With Any Purchase In July


Plugin Boutique‘s July Gift offers the choice of two awesome FREE plugins: Tone Empire’s Neural Q and Yum Audio’s Spread Light.

Throughout July, any purchase at Plugin Boutique will come with one of two free gift options. The customers can choose between claiming a free copy of Tone Empire’s Neural Q and Yum Audio’s Spread Light.

These plugins have been available for free before, most recently Neural Q in April of 2022. Spread Light was given away for a limited time in June 2021. This giveaway will be a second chance for anyone who missed them the first time.

Neural Q is a clever saturation plugin from Tone Empire, the developer behind plugins like the Firechild Vari-Mu compressor and Loc-Ness.

Tone Empire has gone down the AI/Neural Network path with this plugin to create a more accurate emulation of vintage analog hardware.

Neural Q has two sections, the EQ and the Pre-amp.

The vintage hardware that the EQ section hopes to emulate accurately is the Seimens W295b, a costly unit if you can find one in good condition.

The Pre-amp delivers three saturation types: Clean, Medium, and Dirty. Much time and effort went into developing Neural Q, especially in training the AI system using countless and varied sources.

If you didn’t get it last time, it’s worth grabbing it now. Neural Q is available in AU, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS (10.13 upwards) and Windows (10 upwards).

Yum Audio is a developer that has given us a few really interesting releases over the last year or so, including a series of cool LoFi plugins.

Spread Light is an entry-level stereo processing tool with some simple but helpful features.

It has two stereo processing modes: M/S and Haas. The two processing modes allow users to manipulate the sound in a few ways, whether targetting a specific area or creating more perceived space through your entire song.

In M/S mode, the Tilt control adjusts how the audio is panned, and in Haas mode, it adjusts the applied delay.

It’s a simple, easy-to-use plugin that does some simple but important things.

Spread Light is available in AU, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS (10.13 upwards) and Windows (10 upwards).

As with any similar Plugin Boutique promotion, a qualifying purchase must be a paid product, and you can’t pay in full using virtual cash or coupons (anything less than 100% is fine).

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  1. Caelum Audio Flux Mini CM v2 is included with the new issue of Computer Music (311) that is published today.

      • As far as I can see compared to v1 they have added Band-Pass filter mode, and Cut-Off and Pan controls, and the GUI looks a lot better IMO, with possibility to setup how big the grid is to be. So a worthwhile update to get from Computer Music :-)

  2. Proclethya Bundle, sale at $12.6. The synth was once given away free, but this deals adds 4 soundpacks

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