Mastrcode Music Releases FREE Substrate Bass Booster Plugin


Mastrcode Music releases Substrate, a subharmonic bass booster effect for Windows.

Substrate is a plugin that aims to take average bass sounds and turn them into something special. It does that by boosting the right part of the bass sound in the right way.

The GUI doesn’t have too many controls to cover, so we can quickly run through them from left to right.

The Frequency control sets the fundamental frequency from which Substrate will generate additional harmonics. The plugin will cut anything above and below the chosen fundamental frequency to ensure that only the correct frequency is targeted.

Boost determines the number of addition harmonics generated and the level of amplification.

The Invert Phase switch can resolve some phasing issues that may occur when the processed signal is blended with the dry signal.

Boost Mix and Dry mix determine the level of the processed and dry signals to be mixed together.

The last three, Mute Boost/Dry, and Main Volume, do as expected.

Adding and boosting these sub-harmonics to your bass sound can create a fatter, more powerful sound with much more impact.

We’ve seen a few bass-related plugins already this year. Most recently, we had the BassMatrix bassline synth from Witech. Earlier in the year, we had MODO Bass CS from IK Multimedia and Sienna Bass from Soundmagic.

Boosting your bass is awesome; you get that feeling when it’s just right. But, it’s fair to say some people overdo it at times.

You know when a friend lets you hear something while doing their best Busta Rhymes Break Ya Neck impression, but you feel like someone is holding two broken speakers against your ears; that’s too much bass.

Substrate could be a great way to add just enough boost and character to your bass sound. If you like this one, check out Mastrcode Music’s other plugins like T-Force Delay and T-Force Alpha Plus 2.

Substrate is available in 64-bit VST2 and VST3 formats for Windows 7 and higher.

Download: Mastrcode Music Substrate


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