Soundspear Formula Is A FREE Effects Development Environment


Soundspear offers Formula, a FREE and open-source effects development environment.

Formula works as a plugin inside your DAW or as a standalone application. It utilizes the C programming language to create effects.

The Formula effects editor has a few use cases that might interest different users.

First, as the developer states, it offers a simple way to test and debug audio effects, which might interest anyone who already creates custom effects.

Secondly, it has some tutorials that help you get started and create your first effects. Formula could provide an ideal starting point for programming novices (like me).

Lastly, it comes with some pre-bundled effects and more if you purchase a Formula Cloud subscription. A subscription gives you access to lots more effects and the ability to share your creations with other subscribers.

While effects created can be shared in the Formula Cloud, you cannot export them in other formats for distribution (VST, and so on).

So, you’ve got a simple way to create effects, learn about creating effects, or enjoy the work of others.

The plugin has four tabs: Editor, Saved Files, Formula Cloud, and Settings.

The Editor tab is where the main work is done. Once you have shaped your effect using the C programming language, you can easily assign parameters to specific controls on the plugin.

The Saves Files tab is where you’ll find your saved effects, but it’s also where you’ll find some helpful tutorials.

If you watch the overview video on Soundspear’s YouTube channel, you’ll see one of the effects highlighted is the Motown EQ.

Many hardware/software products try to capture the magic of the original Motown EQ. Acme Audio recently released an almost perfectly component-matched replica (they previously released the Acme Motown DI).

We featured Hitsville, USA, from Studio Sampled Sounds a couple of years ago, a free sample pack providing the sound of Motown drums. It’s still free right now via Reverb and worth checking out.

Before I get off the Motown tangent, I recommend watching Standing in the Shadows of Motown to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

It’s a great watch, has great music, and a legendary group of virtuoso musicians who never overplayed or sacrificed groove for grandstanding.

Formula Cloud subscriptions start at €12.90 (usually €14.90) for one month. One or three-year subscriptions offer massive savings. Intro discounts are valid till July 15th, 2022.

Formula is available in AU and VST3 formats for macOS and Windows.

Download: Soundspear Formula 


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  1. Doesn’t seem to work for me – Reaper on win 10. It froze the system first time loading in Reaper. As a standalone it closes itself after a second. Bummer

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