Project Sam Updates The Free Orchestra For Kontakt Player


Project Sam releases version 2.0 of The Free Orchestra, introducing two new instruments and a new engine.

The Free Orchestra provides a taste of Project Sam’s premium products like Symphobia 2 and True Strike 1 without the cost. To make it even more enticing, The Free Orchestra works with the free Kontakt Player.

As someone who talks about loving orchestral/cinematic content so much, I reluctantly have to say I was unaware of this freebie until now.

Now that I’m hearing it for the first time, I hope everyone else has been putting it to work while I seemingly had my eyes and ears closed.

The update brings with it additional sounds and a much-improved workflow. While I can’t comment on the previous workflow, the ability to access every sound and multi from a single interface (rather than loading individual Kontakt files per instrument) has to be a vast improvement.

The Free Orchestra now runs on the new engine that drives Symphobia and True Strike.

Choosing any of the sixteen available sounds, including Ominous Lows, Sordino Violins, and Pandora Panic, is simple with the new browser; you can even preview each sound before choosing.

Once you’ve chosen a sound, you’ll see the performance view of the new GUI. The form of the controls right in the middle reminds me a little of the Spitfire Audio plugin; in this case, they control Volume, Velocity, and one sound-specific parameter/effect.

To the right, you’ll see more controls that allow you to adjust the Attack, Decay, and add Reverb, followed by Limiter, (low-pass) Filter, and Stereo controls.

To the left, you’ll find a Master EQ button that allows you to add a high/low-end boost and an Octaver button that adds an octave to any sound.

There is also an Advanced view offering more settings like visual transposing and range selection, further velocity options, and more.

I mentioned multi-sounds before, and those are preset combinations of individual sounds. The cool thing about this library is that you get ten mixer slots, which you can use to create custom multi-sounds or faster recall of project sounds.

I missed it the first time around, but I’m glad to have caught it on this update; good work, Project Sam.

Additionally, If you haven’t already checked out the one sound every musician needs, go now and get Foghorn from Spitfire Audio’s LABS series.

For more orchestral sounds, visit our free orchestral VST plugins and free Kontakt libraries pages.

Download: The Free Orchestra


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