SIM-THROAT Is A FREE Throat-Singing Plugin By Quilcom


Quilcom offers SIM-THROAT, a free throat-singing effect plugin for Windows.

I feel pretty confident in saying that, over the last few weeks, most of you have been thinking, OK, I’ve got the Foghorn instrument from LABS; when will we get a free throat-singing effect?

I understand your lack of patience; there’s nothing worse than not having the right tools to complete your foghorn, throat-singing country music album.

Finally, the wait is over, thanks to Quilcom.

SIM-THROAT is a plugin that you shouldn’t take too seriously in the sense that it’s not aiming for a perfect recreation of authentic throat-singing. But, as we all know, a plugin doesn’t need to be serious to be useful; sometimes, a bit of fun is just what we need.

The idea is that you sing into your microphone, and SIM-THROAT uses the fundamental of your vocals to operate a synth, which is then fed into a vocoder.

The plugin mimics some pulsing characteristics of throat-singing, but it does so with an overwhelmingly digital sound. Don’t get too caught up in thinking it sounds too digital or not authentic enough; as I mentioned, it’s not aiming for realism. However, it certainly implies throat-singing, which could be a modern nod to an ancient technique.

It could also be an interesting sound that you use in a track; maybe you could sing bass lines or even solos rather than playing them.

SIM-THROAT has some adjustable characteristic parameters like Tension, Rattle, and Slew. It also has some Pitch, Delay, and Reverb controls. Considering the plugin is primarily just for fun, it has a nice GUI with well-defined controls.

The developer has uploaded an explainer/demo video to YouTube, and it’s worth checking out if you are curious about how SIM-THROAT sounds.

SIM-THROAT is Windows only, but if any Mac users are looking for something a little quirky, check out OI, Grandad!

Download: SIM-THROAT (scroll down or use CTRL+F to locate the plugin, click the screenshot to download)


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    • Tomislav Zlatic


      This was the first time I heard of them, was surprised to see dozens of plugins on the download page. Good stuff!

  1. Xylophone by MUZE is free at Audio Plugin Deals. It usually cost 99$ but is now completely free for the next 14 to 13 days

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but this plugin (that I’m of course going to download and play with) has the look of something I’d expect to see on April Fool’s…

  3. Not tried yet but a lot of interesting stuff that remind me xoxo experimentations.
    I noticed the credits to Adam Szabo on the Quilcom 7SAW.
    This make me jump straight to 2007-2008 and the discover of freeware mavericks. Thanks a lot for the incoming journey and tweaking delights.

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