Higher HZ Releases FREE HZ Multiplier Multi-Effect Plugin


Higher HZ has released HZ Multiplier, a freeware multi-effect in AU, VST2.4, and VST3 plugin formats for 64-bit digital audio workstations on macOS and Windows.

HZ multiplier features a versatile modulation architecture, allowing the user to come up with complex Unison, Chorus, and Reverb effects.

While this plugin does include some presets I’ll mention later, it mainly offers an easy-to-use interface so that you can create your own desired effects.

Essentially, the HZ multiplier takes the stereo signal input and splits it into two paths going to the master dry/wet knobs. The wet stereo signal is split into two sides, containing three delay and pan knobs. These delay and pan knobs allow users to dive deep into honing their desired sound.

Adding delay and pan to the individual taps can generate unique and versatile chorus, unison, and reverb sounds. Six total taps allow you to create exciting delays and easily create ambient pads, soundscapes, and drones. Beyond these taps and delays are a handful of master controls such as spread, width, rate, depth, and pre-delay.

In HZ Multiplier, the spread knob directly controls the six delay knobs. As you turn up the spread, you are spreading out the timing in which the delays are firing; this results in a more dynamic delay sound.

The width control operates somewhat similarly, but with a subtle difference; it controls the pan knobs. Spreading the pan out wider allows the plugin to add nice stereo width wherever it’s applied.

For producers looking to add more extreme effects, the pre-delay function can dramatically change the phase relationship between dry and wet signals, resulting in some exciting echo and flange.

While it’s easy to get carried away, throwing heavy spread, width, and pre-delay to your tracks, this plugin shines when used at minimal wetness as more of an enhancement than entirely changing the sound.

The rate and depth controls are great for adding movement and dynamics to the track. The depth control, in particular, can add an excellent chorus to your sound.

Finally, there are a couple of filters to choose from as a final effect. The plugin includes an HPF, LPF, and a HI/LO resonance effect.

HZ Multiplier is available for FREE to both macOS and Windows users in VST, VST3, and AU formats.

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Download: HZ Multiplier


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