Waves TrueVerb Is FREE For 48 Hours Only


Waves Audio offers the TrueVerb ($99) reverb effect as a FREE download for the next 48 hours.

TrueVerb is a flexible algorithmic reverb effect. It provides precise control over the early reflections, room characteristics, and frequency response, allowing the user to generate a variety of custom spaces.

The interface is organized into two main sections: Time Response and Frequency Response. The first section lets you customize the room properties such as the Decay Time, Distance, Room Size, and Density. The Frequency Response section is where you’ll find the EQ and filters for managing the reverb tone.

In addition, the user can adjust the volume of the dry signal, the early reflections, and the reverb signal. Each of the three components can be bypassed if needed.

Despite its age, TrueVerb still holds up as a versatile reverb effect for different mixing scenarios. It’s lightweight and intuitive, despite providing the user with plenty of opportunities to customize the sound.

It won’t give you results that sound as lush as something like ValhallaDSP’s excellent reverbs (download the free Valhalla Super Massive plugin if you haven’t already), but that’s not the point here. TrueVerb is a workhorse reverb you’ll likely use on multiple channels across the mix.

TrueVerb typically costs $99 (currently on sale for $29), but you can get it for FREE for a limited time. Claim your free license as soon as possible because the deal expires in less than 48 hours.

The plugin was already free for a limited time back in 2015 (as a Black Friday gift from Waves Audio), but even if you got it back then, you could now update your license to the latest version.

Waves Audio launched this freebie offer in collaboration with Dixon Beats. Check out the announcement video below.

TrueVerb is available in VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS.

Looking for some free reverb alternatives? Check out the RO-Gold plugin by Black Rooster Audio and EpicPLATE by Variety of Sound.

To get the deal, visit the promo page linked below (you’ll need to sign up or log in first), the click the blue GET TRUEVERB FREE button.

GET THE DEAL: Waves TrueVerb (FREE for 48 hours only!)

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  1. I never bothered with anything Waves related till CR8 came along earlier this year (compliments Reaper so well) yet already have another five or six plugs in my account thanks to freebies like this. Should have them all by this time next year. :)

    Thanks for all your efforts Tomislav.

  2. I dislike the Waves wrapper due to it not playing nice with my DAWs, the Waves WUP is annoying, and TrueVerb is old and metallic and tinny sounding, but if that’s your jam I say go for it. I have a license for it from years past but I never use it. I’m sure many people could find use for it though.

  3. Installing and activating Waves plugins can be a real pain (37 support articles confirm this); and then renewing the licence and, and, and… There are plenty of great free plugins out there so…. goodbye Waves!

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