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Waves Audio TrueVerb FREE Download! (Black Friday Special)


Continuing a three year long tradition, Waves Audio have announced that their TrueVerb reverb effect will be offered as a free download this Black Friday.

This great little tradition started back in 2012 when Waves Audio released OneKnob Louder as a special Black Friday freebie (the plugin is now priced at $49). One year later, the excellent Waves Renaissance Bass plugin was offered as a free download. The scenario was a bit different last year when Waves announced a freebie for Black Friday, but didn’t provide any further details about the plugin. We put our detective glasses on and managed to deduct that it will most probably be a faux sidechain compression style effect. And indeed they released a brilliant little plugin called OneKnob Pumper (we seriously didn’t have any inside info, it was pure BPB style detective work)! You better watch your back, detectives Linden and Holder (if you’re not getting this one, go watch The Killing like right now).

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Anyways, the deal is announced in a similarly misterious manner once again and we genuinely have no idea what type of freebie it will be this year. It could be another OneKnob series plugin, possibly something quite simple like a bitcrusher? But then again, Waves might decide to switch it up this year and release something totally new. Or, it could be another commercial plugin gone free type of deal, like they did with Renaissance Bass back in 2013. Still, I’d put my money on a OneKnob series bitcrusher.

And what about you guys? Got a hunch? Let us know in the comments section below!

UPDATE: It is now confirmed that TrueVerb is this year’s Black Friday freebie offer from Waves. Normally priced at $99 and available as a VST/AU/AAX/RTAS plugin for Windows and Mac OS, this is an excellent industry standard reverb effect that is absolutely worth adding to your plugin arsenal.

To grab your free copy of the TrueVerb, you’ll first need to sign up with a valid email address. The offer will expire on November 27th, but you’ll be able to register and activate your copy of the plugin whenever you want (as long as you’ve signed up for your free copy on time). A registration code will be delivered to you via email and that code will allow your to register the plugin to your Waves Audio user account and later activate it on your machine using Waves Central. Their servers usually crash on Black Friday due to insanely large amounts of traffic, so expect extremely slow download speeds and possible downtime in the first few hours of the giveaway.

It’s also worth noting that everyone who signs up for the freebie will get a coupon code to purchase the Waves Silver bundle for as low as $99 (the regular price of the bundle is $599, so this is pretty much one of those “no brainer” deals if you’re interested in adding Waves Audio plugins to your arsenal).


To claim your free copy of TrueVerb, sign up at Waves and keep a close eye on your inbox. The freebie will go live on November 27th. UPDATE: The freebie is now LIVE!

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. I missed last year’s giveaway, so I’ll get right on this.

    I’ve been looking for something to binge watch on Netflix and I’ve noticed The Killing. I’ll be sure to check it out. Also, The Fall is very good < Gillian Anderson rocks! Linden & Holder? Sounds an awful lot like Scully & Mulder.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      The Killing does have it’s flaws, but it’s a great watch if you’re into detective stories. The two main characters are top notch and the dark, gritty atmosphere is great. And yeah, Linden and Holder are somewhat like Scully and Mulder, but much cooler IMHO. :)

  2. Just like all Waves plugins (free or not) you have to pay for their Waves Update Plan if you want to keep the “free” plugin updated after one year. And sooner or later you’ll need those updates, in case your DAW is updated and the Waves plugin crashes it/isn’t compatible.
    Even worst is when you buy a new computer/replace the Logicboard (in my case), it will have a new “Network Adapter ID number” (This is your device ID for Waves), so the authorization wont work unless you buy their Waves Update Plan.
    I had to replace Vitamin and Renaissance bass (a supposed free one) in my Logic projects older than one year, I don’t agree in paying for updates or new licenses when you change computer but that’s me, if you do that’s ok, I’m not trying to impose my views here, this is just a heads up about about a Waves policy never spoken when they “give” you stuff ;)

    • It looks like you can move your license to the cloud and then to another computer. Could this mean that you can make the plugin to work after upgrading your computer?

      • Tomislav Zlatic


        Confirmed, I’ve just moved my old Renaissance Bass license to the cloud and returned it to my upgraded computer. The smartest approach, though, would probably be to keep the licenses on a portable flash drive instead.

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