Liquid Death Snare Plugin Is FREE For A Limited Time


Purafied Audio offers the Liquid Death Snare ($38 value) sample-based drum plugin as a FREE download for a limited time.

Liquid Death Snare is an aggressive-sounding snare drum plugin. It features over 500 snare multi-samples, with dynamic layers and multiple microphone positions.

The great thing about the Liquid Death Snare is the ability to adjust the level of each microphone. This level of versatility allows the user to customize the sound to fit various music styles, from pop and rock to metal.

The flexibility doesn’t end there. You can change the snare’s pitch and send each microphone to a different channel in your DAW for processing using third-party plugins.

The plugin offers a couple of other smart features, too, such as a polarity flip switch and the one-shot playback button. On the MIDI front, you can map the different articulations (rim shot, flam, multi-vel) to different notes.

The GUI looks nice, with a dark color scheme (always helpful during evening music production sessions) and clearly labeled controls. Having more resolution for the volume sliders would be nice, but the current size isn’t much of an issue.

It’s also worth noting that the GUI is freely resizable and that it features undo/redo functionality. Users who want to speed up their workflow will be happy to hear that Liquid Death Snare also includes a set of presets.

If you’re looking for a flexible acoustic snare plugin, Liquid Death Snare is absolutely worth a look. It usually costs $38, but you can get it for free for a limited time.

To get your free copy of the plugin, visit the product page below and complete the free checkout process.

Liquid Death Snare is available in VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for 64-bit digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS.

Speaking of free snare plugins, you should also check out the EXC!TE SNARE DRUM. It’s a fully code-based (no samples involved) plugin that lets you create your custom virtual snare.

Download: Liquid Death Snare


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. I am not into metal, but this looks versatile. The video is nice, all the information one could ask for without being too technical or stiff. Website pretty neat too. Checkout was easy (Name, email and address, no phone number required) and order confirmation, download link and serial came in within seconds. Comes as a zip, 328MB, manual installation required (includes a please read me note with a pointer to the correct directories though).

    A tablespoon of weird, two handful of fun and filled up to the brim with dedication. I like. Looking forward to see more.

  2. Putting the name of a trendy, overpriced can of water on your product does not make a good impression IMO, but this certainly seems to pack in some versatility.

  3. Looks great, but does not work in Cubase 10 Pro. Have tried placing the files every which way with no luck. Installed Exc!te and BOOM no problem. With no install files with the Liquid Death Snare, Cubase isn’t able to read it in the plugin manager. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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