MonsterDAW Updates FREE Monster Guitar Plugin


MonsterDAW announces an updated version of Monster Guitar, a freeware sample-based guitar plugin for Windows and macOS.

Monster Guitar is a FREE virtual guitar instrument designed for producers looking to produce a MIDI mock-up of a guitar recording.

While nothing entirely replaces the feel and timing of a real guitarist, not everyone can play or hire a session instrumentalist. This plugin offers producers a free solution to get a feel for how a guitar part might sound in the track they’re working on.

Agus Hardiman, the creator of Monster Guitar, claims that this plugin “is not meant to replace a real guitarist, but rather to help everybody so abstract ideas become more fixed.”

In the most recent update, Monster Guitar adds 14 presets for users to choose from. Those presets are split into three modes: lead, chord, and notes.

Chord mode is pretty self-explanatory. When using this plugin with a midi keyboard, you can play chords as you would commonly to generate multi-note guitar chords.

Users can choose if they want Monster Guitar to play their chords in a long, normal, or short pattern.

This model is beneficial for genres like rock and punk. These genres often use power chords played in an almost driving, percussive style.

Finally, there is lead and notes mode for those looking to play individual guitar notes and craft melodies. In these modes, the plugin will play individually, and you can even add distortion and other effects to emulate a distorted guitar solo.

There is also a global control panel, including master volume, ADSR controls, and delay and reverb.

Monster Guitar does not come with an installer. Instead, users are required to manually add the plugin files to the designated folder on their computer.

Follow the link to the website and download the plugin format compatible with your computer and DAW. The download will contain both the plugin file and the sound library.

Add the file to your computer’s plugin folder, and then, upon launch of your DAW, open Monster Guitar and click “Choose Folder.”” Select the preset folder included in the initial download, and you’ll be in business!

Monster Guitar is available to macOS and Windows users in VST2, VST3, and AU plugin formats.

Download: Monster Guitar


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  1. Judging by the video previews… It ain’t great, unfortunately. Not an abundance of great free virtual guitars (although they do exist if you look hard enough) and this is no exception. The description on the website states that it’s a work in progress so maybe it gets better over time, let’s see.

    One side note… Am I the only one who finds it weird that not using an installer is considered a downside? If anything, I like portability and knowing exactly where stuff is, and even if the installer is fully portable, you still gotta redirect the installation to your VST folder anyway (which there are several different “sensible defaults” developers choose from), so I find it ends up being more work than just throwing a zipped folder in the right directory, not less.

    • The thing is, some people like installers, some people hate them for ‘small’ programs or plugins. In a perfect world, you should have a zipfile containing both. It happens, but it’s not the norm yet.

    • Hi Rafael, as the maker of this plugin, please try this on your own because there are 14 different presets, and the video preview purpose is to teach people about the CHORD system, not the actual usefulness of this plugin.

      After you try it, please give your review again. If you still don’t like it, it’s Ok but it’s more fair than just judging without trying :D

      Agus Hardiman of MonsterDAW

      • Can you please fix your website? I want to download the plugin but keep getting SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG errors! Thanks so much

    • Just my first impression after watching the video: the plug sounds decent to me actually and it has a good GUI. Will it replace a human guitarist? Of course not. But for free? I think it could sound pretty nice with some effects in a mix. I’ve heard worse virtual guitarist plugins, both free and paid. Gonna download and try it out as soon as I’m able and see if my opinion changes any.

  2. I am finding it impossible to load this programme as a vst3 file on mpc beats. is there a .dll? or am i missing something. thanks.

  3. Unfortunately, the absence of an installer is a complete put-off as far as I’m concerned. It might be that I lack the basic proficiency needed to follow the step-by-step setup described on your site. But the fact remains that I tried it, and I was unsuccessful. I suspect that a significant number of would-be users of Monster Guitar are experiencing the same frustration, and I wonder whether it’s time to create an installer for it. It’s a shame, as I had heard good things about Monster Guitar and I was looking forward to using it. But I’m unable to complete a working setup, and that’s frustrating.

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