Aria Libera Is A FREE Kontakt Library By Sonora Cinematic


Sonora Cinematic releases Aria Libera, a free Kontakt library crafted in collaboration with Film Scoring Tips (requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt).

Sonora Cinematic is a virtual instrument brand created by prominent Italian composer and sound designer Alessandro Mastroianni.

Alessandro Mastroianni is credited with numerous feature films and has worked for popular broadcast networks such as BBC, ABC, and even the streaming service, Netflix.

He brings his aptitude for sound design to the creation of Sonora Cinematic, which creates numerous unique Kontakt instruments.

Aria Libera, their latest creation, is a free Kontakt instrument based on actual human voice recordings.

Sonora Cinematic took captured recordings of singer Emma May Price humming into the microphone. They took these recordings and processed them with a modular granular synthesizer.

Granular Synthesis essentially breaks down a sound into tiny pieces or grains. Once broken down, different effects, such as pitch change, delay, etc., are applied to these individual grains.

With Aria Libera, the application of Granular Synthesis to these recordings of a real vocal led to some very haunting and beautiful sounds.

Sonora Cinematic claims that when you combine synth and vocal, “the result is an inspiring and effortless tool for adding beautiful vocal textures, atmospheres or pads to your underscores.”

This free Kontakt player features a simple and intuitive interface. The direct impact of the sound is an XY pad that allows users to add desired levels of effect.

Moving the fader across the X-axis takes the vocal across different layers of modularization. As you get to the end of this axis, the sound almost begins to pulse hauntingly and darkly.

Fading along the Y-axis increases granular diffusions. This movement results in a much more distant and broken-up sound.

In addition to the XY pad, there are basic attack and release controls and a reverb fader.

Aria Libera can easily be assigned to a MIDI keyboard. There is also an expression control built-in for those looking to modulate the sound with an expression pedal or wheel.

The uses for the Aria Libera Kontakt player are broad. It would be especially useful to those producing ambient, meditative music but could work in nearly every genre.

Aria Libera requires the full, paid version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or newer.

To get this free Kontakt instrument, follow the link to the Sonora Cinematic website and add the item to your cart. Once checked out, you’ll receive download/installation instructions.

Looking for more cinematic sounds? Check out the free cinematic sound effects collection by Flame Sound.

Download: Aria Libera


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  1. just days ago i finally got full kontakt. best 125eur spent in a long while. 10x the sounds i have access to, so great
    still going through previously released libraries

  2. Thanks for the info. I guess the Pulse downloader must be hit at this moment, after adding the download code, it has been stuck at syncing in progress for 15 minutes

    • 24 hours later the Pulse downloader is still syncing, I try to add the serial again, and then told to update the Pulse downloader. All in all, a lot of hoop jumping, to get a Kontakt lib of less than 300 MB.

  3. Antares Choir is free if you sign up for a 14 day Autotune trial.
    I’ve gone for it and have 14days to cancel the trial or they will charge me. I might cancel it straight away without downloading it.

    • I signed up for the trial, and then instantly canceled it once I installed Choir. This was back when it was first given out free; no charges. You can use up your trial or just cancel it. Best recommendation is to use PayPal so if anything happens its easy to get your money back.

  4. MGF Audio Mega Pack has been updated this September. Now over 13GB of all free synth samples, field recordings, SFX, and more:

  5. You can go through the “purchase” steps, but there is no way to download this library.
    No links.
    No serials.
    Waste of time.

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