Pro Tools – Intro Is A FREE Digital Audio Workstation By Avid


Avid releases Pro Tools – Intro, a free DAW based on one of the industry-standard music production applications.

Pro Tools – Intro isn’t the first time Avid has provided a free version of their popular DAW. Before Intro, we had Pro Tools – First, which has now been discontinued.

According to Avid, Pro Tools – First wasn’t a viable project in the long term.

It seems Avid was determined not to give up on the idea of a free version but, instead, to find a way to make it more sustainable.

In that regard, users will be glad to hear that Pro Tools – Intro is built on the same code as the latest Pro Tools 2022.9.

Updating the free version should now be more manageable and less of a headache for the developers.

Pro Tools Intro provides eight audio, instrument, and MIDI tracks. It also comes with some handy upgrades since Pro Tools – First, one of the most notable being AAX support.

AAX support means that users can now use third-party plugins, as well as the 35 Avid plugins included with the download. You can also use our free BPB Dirty Filter plugin.

In terms of sounds and instruments, you’ll get AIR Music Tech’s Xpand!2. I can imagine some readers will be thinking Xpand!2 is a touch dated, and you’d be right. But, it comes with over 2500 presets, and I was genuinely surprised by the quality when I first heard it.

So, if you are a beginner and don’t have a vast arsenal of sounds, Xpand!2 isn’t a bad place to start.

On top of the eight audio, instrument, and MIDI tracks, you’ll get four AUX tracks, one master track, four simultaneous inputs/outputs, and up to 192kHz recording/playback.

I’m glad that Avid has continued down this path; Pro Tools is such a massive part of the industry, and I think it’s great for everyone to have access to Pro Tools, even in this streamlined state.

You can download Pro Tools – Intro from the Avid website now. I’d encourage anyone new to making music or just new to Pro Tools to check it out.

Visit the Avid website to learn what’s included with Pro Tools – Intro.

While Avid is releasing a free DAW, we have Audacity 3.2 looking more like a future DAW.

Download: Pro Tools – Intro


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  1. I don’t use a lot of conventional instruments in my tracks but when I do feel the need for a Rhodes or something, I find between, Xpand!2. my even more ancient copy of Cakewalk Dimension Pro or the Pianobook library, I’m more than covered. GUIs are very dated/small on modern screens but sounds more than stand up.

  2. 8+ tracks, a hearty box of sounds in Xpand2, and third party AAX plugins allowed, there is a lot to like, I am thinking in the line of Bitwig 8 Track.
    Is there any copy protection involved, do you need iLok or antthing like that to run it ?

    • Hey, Numanoid, I don’t believe you need an iLok, I won’t get a chance to install it till tomorrow. But, I’m pretty sure it installs/runs without an iLok.

      I agree, for a free DAW, it has real promise!

  3. What format file is the XPAND 2 VST offered? Is it a separate file and installation, or only AAX format, or will it also work in other DAW’s VST format?

    • Hey JT, I haven’t installed Intro yet so I can’t say for certain. It comes with some other Air instruments, which I think make up the Air Creative Collection, and I know the AAX version only came in that collection previously, but I’ve never known if the collection is exclusively AAX haha.

      Hopefully it’s AU/VSAT as well!

    • As I remember Xpand 2 has been given away free or sold at a dollar several times during the last 5-7 years. I guess at is now set free permanently by Avid, the VST will soon follow suit

  4. A couple of questions for those who already installed it: Can you automate things in this version of PT? and is there clip gain?

    • first i have to say that i am using pro tools on a regular base, but i dont know any of the free versions,
      so i might be wrong.
      but i suppose that if clip gain and automations are not mentioned as limitations of the free version, then everything in these regards should work like in the full versions.
      and particularly clip gain and automations are two of the things that are more comfortable and clever than in other daws in my personal opinion.

      in general whatever people say about it, it is a very good daw at least for recording, editing and mixing music and postproduction stuff.
      maybe not so much for producing electronic music, but even that is a question of taste i guess.

      and i also dont like subscriptions, but at the moment i am still on my perpetual license of pt 12. if i have to change to a subscription model in the future i dont know how i would decide then.

    • ok, i just checked the detailed comparison of all versions on
      PT INTRO DOESNT HAVE CLIP GAIN, and also no “advanced automation”.
      though i dont know what the advanced means.

    • as here said… period

      Or choose another DAW – especially if you are on Windows.

      “Pro” Tools is only overpriced subscription since 2022. There is no Version you can buy anymore.
      Even the Intro Version is not worth the hassle. It’s overcomplicated,its (at least optically) outdated. it is even complicated to remove this thing from your computer.

  5. Holy $H1T, Pro Tools still exists? I haven’t heard anything from them in ages.

    Oh, it looks like they’re using a subscription model now. No thanks, Avid.

  6. Errr…no thanks, not even if Avid paid me.
    Bet you there will be more negatives than positives in using their so called “free” version.

    • Yes & no. Studio One Pro & Prime share the same installer, that said, once Pro version appears hoy can start using demo until Prime Licenses enabled.
      The fact is that old Prime/demo/free licenses still work today with all versions: 1 to 5.

    • I have a studio one artist license I can help you out w. Trust me. S1 is gonn be THE ones to replace protools as the “industry standard” I have the new s1 6 and it’s so amazing and it all just makes sense

  7. Bruno de Souza Lino


    One important thing to note is ProTools seems to not support 32 bit float audio and will have gain staging issues and not null properly.

  8. I have installed Pro Tools Intro but i don’t see the “… 35 Avid plugins included with the download” Any suggestion ?

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