Get A FREE Plugin Alliance Product Worth $20 (OFFER EXPIRED)


Plugin Alliance released another $20 coupon code with no minimum spend, which means you can use it to get a free plugin. The offer ends in 24 hours (UPDATE: THE OFFER HAS EXPIRED).

We covered a similar offer from Plugin Alliance earlier this week.

Once again, the company offers a $20 coupon code. Use the voucher BOOM-20-OFF to apply a $20 discount to your order, regardless of the price of the items in your shopping cart.

The company is currently running the annual Mega Sale, so the plugin prices are already discounted by up to 60%. With that in mind, you can use the code to get a free plugin (or multiple plugins) worth up to $20 or to reduce the total cost of a pricier product.

Here are a few examples:

  • You can get the Unfiltered Audio Bass Mint ($19.99) for free;
  • You can get Unfiltered Audio Sandman ($9.99) and Lindell Audio 6X-500 ($9.99) for free;
  • You can get NEOLD U17 ($39.99) for $19.99.

A complete list of Plugin Alliance products that currently cost less than $20 is available in our previous article.

It’s also worth noting that Plugin Alliance subscribers receive loyalty vouchers at the beginning of each month. You can combine the $20 coupon code with your loyalty voucher for additional savings.

Did you get a freebie with the previous $20 code? What will you get this time? I’m looking forward to reading your suggestions in the comments section below!

Our readers, GARYG and DIVYANSHU, suggested combining the loyalty voucher with the $20 coupon code to get the Neoverb plugin by iZotope for as low as $9.99, and I followed their advice. It’s a fantastic reverb plugin that usually costs a whopping $249, so getting it for $9.99 was one of the best deals I ever got.

To use the $20 code, log in to your Plugin Alliance account (or register a new account), add products to your shopping cart, and redeem the coupon code BOOM-20-OFF at checkout. Remember that the code expires in less than 24 hours, so act fast.

On a related note, you can get a FREE copy of Excite Audio Lifeline Expanse Lite with any purchase at Plugin Boutique this month.

UPDATE: THIS OFFER HAS EXPIRED. Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified about the latest deals.

Get the deal: Plugin Alliance Mega Sale (use coupon code BOOM-20-OFF to get $20 OFF, expires today!)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. from previous deals i already had the 9.99 lindell series, g8, de-verb
    since i don’t care much for their amps, i got bx_opto

  2. I went a bit nuts with this over the weekend. The first voucher came when I was itching to buy a plug, so used $10 off voucher to grab Knif for $20 (I think), then used the $25 off voucher the next day to get the BX Amek 9099. Not sure what I will do with it, but fancied another dopamine hit. I think the next day I grabbed Bass Mint with the first $20 No min spend. Then I grabbed Unfilterd Audio Triade with a $25 off voucher after that for $15, and also grabbed Thorn I think for $10 with another voucher. I can’t really remember, was all a bit of a blur.
    Today I grabbed the Metric AB as do not have a ref tool yet so figured it could be handy and read some good thing bout it. With this voucher it is $10…bargain! :D
    I think that will do for a while.

  3. Have new loyalty vouchers been sent for October? Seem to remember them holding back till after a sale previously..?

    I used my September one with the last $20 voucher to get UA Tails for $10 (yeah, neoverb was bargain of the century but think I’d get more use from Tails, more ‘creative’ possibilities). I think the freebies to look for are bx_delay (straight forward with some nich extras, transient shaping on the repeats etc), bx_opto (the pedal version is very nice sounding so more control should be cool) or just about any of the cheaper UA plugins (Bassmint, Sandman Pro etc).

    • Well the September voucher was valid till 30th and I don’t think they’ll send October voucher during the sale. So you can’t use September voucher now.

  4. Using the $20 coupon code, I got the Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 for free a few days ago. The best Dumble-style amp sim on the market right now.

    My 2nd choice for the coupon would’ve been the Chandler GAV19T or the Suhr PT100. Both very versatile and uncommon as far as amp sims go.

  5. Just for your information: If you have plugins in your account that need the transfer fee paid, you can use this voucher, too. This may be interesting on the long run, as you can pick up second hand plugins dirt cheap at the usual places.

  6. Wedgeforce Keemun Bass for just 5 bucks! Nice :-)
    I thought about getting DS Tantra v2, at just 11 bucks that is also a top deal, but as I already own v1, and one of the main “upgrades” in v2 is that 32bit support for both Windows and Mac has been dropped, I chose to stick with v1

  7. Thanks for the quick report on this yet again! I rely UNTIRELY on BPB to hear of great limited-time deals such as this!

  8. Awesome! On the first voucher I grabbed UA’s Bass-Mint (already have most of their older plugins) and now I grabbed bx_panEQ. Thanks for the heads-up BPB!

  9. Thanks again Tomislav, BPB & PA, what an awesome sale, will it ever end lol 😊
    I must remember to give PA ratings once i have tested my downloads.

  10. Does anybody know what the Plugin in the picture is!?
    Also would be good to hear what people are doing with BassMint :)

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