Audiolatry Releases FREE 808XD Bass Instrument Plugin


Audiolatry releases 808XD, a FREE 808 bass virtual instrument in AU, VST2, and VST3 plugin formats for macOS and Windows.

You can hear the 808 sound in many songs across many contrasting musical genres. These days, you might associate it more with EDM, Hip Hop, and its many sub-genres. But, the Roland TR-808 came on the scene back in 1980 and wasn’t exclusive to the cheesier songs of the 80s. Artists like Marvin Gaye used the TR-808 with great success with songs like Sexual Healing.

Despite endorsements from some of the seemingly cooler artists of the time, the TR-808 was considered a commercial flop (and now it will cost you thousands to get an original).

Audiolatry’s 808XD focuses more on the dirty, aggressive 808 sound rather than the cleaner kicks used by the likes of Marvin Gaye. So, it could be great for anyone looking to anchor a track with a hard-hitting, pitch-shifting bass 808.

808XD is similar to other releases we’ve seen from Audiolatry in that it’s very straightforward. The GUI has four sections, starting with an Envelope (Attack/Release) and global Pan and Gain.

Next up is the Distortion section, followed by LFO Modulation and Mode/Filter.

The Distortion section features cabinet emulation, and the voice Mode section has a Glide control.

The Filter section includes Lowpass/Highpass filter Cutoff control.

It’s a simple but effective virtual instrument, and despite leaning towards the aggressive side, you can still get a relatively clean sound if that’s what you need.

The 808XD virtual instrument has 31 bass presets, including Fireman, Mellow, and Rasp.

You can check out the presets in the developer’s demo video.

Audiolatry has released a bunch of free instruments already this year. In 2022, they’ve given us Mel-Lofi, Drum8, PlastikGuitar, and more.

I hope the busy developer continues that trend, and many more will come in the future.

808XD is available in AU, VST2, and VST3 formats for macOS and Windows.

Download: 808XD


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  1. A CM version of Audified Ironverb comes with the issue published this week (CM314)
    The original version is at:

    • Beat Magazine (202) also available to buy this week, features Apogee Soft Limit. It says full version on the cover, but caveat emptor, read before signing on ;-)

        • According to Apogee website it is only free for a limited time, it costs regulary $99 ?

          • I searched, and I realize it has been free since July. So this is why it is always important to be caveat emptor when it comes to Beat magazine ;-)

  2. Kilohearts have released a version update to all their software. When updating users will get a new little freebie: Channel Mixer

  3. i tried this today and i have to say im impressed not as feature rich as x-hum x, but id say get both. I mean they are free. But id have to say i like all of thier offerings. some better than others.

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