Sonixinema Releases SIRENS Freebie For Kontakt Player


Sonixinema releases SIRENS Freebie, a FREE solo vocal textures Kontakt library for Kontakt Player.

Sonixinema has fast become one of my favorite developers to discuss. I’m a huge movie score fan, and I love any free cinematic/orchestral releases.

Over the last year, Sonixinema has given us some of the best orchestral freebies around, like the Upright Bass Freebie and Superball.

I know I’ve mixed up the compatibility of previous releases at least once, so, to be clear, Sirens is compatible with the free Kontakt Player (double-checking again to be sure).

Sirens is a collection of contemporary vocal textures performed by movie soundtrack veteran Grace Davidson.

Grace Davidson has featured on over 200 movie soundtracks and worked with some of the most talented composers in the industry.

One of the things that I like most about Sonixinema is that they think just as much about the musicians they sample as the instruments.

The Sirens Freebie comes with one patch, which is the Mmm Sustains patch.

The free patch comes with a clean sound and three additional snapshots, including Space and Motion.

The Motion snapshot is interesting because it’s essentially the clean sound with the Gator on top, which creates some wonderful textures.

Sirens Freebie features a Shallow and Depth slider that you can use to push and pull the vocal around. Using the slider to add another dimension to the vocal creates even more of a haunting effect.

And, as the name suggests, the vocals are already pretty haunting. Sirens Freebie might seem lightweight with just one patch, but it’s ideal for an intimate or epic cinematic score.

We are spoiled for choice with cinematic freebies these days. As well as the Sonixinema stuff, we’ve got the LABS collection and awesome packs like Cinematic SFX from Flame Sound.

The paid version of Sirens offers more articulations, including major/minor interval rises/falls.

If the freebie isn’t enough, you can grab a 30% discount on the full version until October 12th, 2022. With the introductory discount, it’s £62 instead of the regular £89.

Download: SIRENS Freebie (compatible with the free Kontakt Player)


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  1. Thanks as usual for covering Kontakt Player stuffs. If things keep going this way, i might never have to drop big cash on that full Kontakt, that i planned to get eventually (currency exchange rate is higher in my country, Malaysia).

    • Hey Choko, thanks for sharing this info, they have some awesome products.
      Thanks as well James, its always interesting reading your posts, great work guys 🙏

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    Thanks so much for continually informing us of wonderful freebies.
    BPB is such a gift to the community!

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