Get 1.6 TB Of Royalty-Free Sounds For $20 (BPB Exclusive Deal)


Free To Use Sounds offer an exclusive BPB discount on the All In One Bundle. Use the coupon code bpb at check out to get 1.6 TB of royalty-free sounds for only $20.

All In One Bundle from Free To Use Sounds is a field recording journey told through the captured sounds. Admittedly, you could say that about any field recording library, but most don’t feature sounds from 27 countries, with more to be added.

So, in that sense, it’s a true story of travel and different cultures told through everyday sounds, or at least some everyday sounds (I’m sure there are plenty of obscure ones in there, too).

The bundle includes all FTUS premium libraries, which means you get a combined 10,000+ WAV files, weighing in at a massive 1.6 TB.

The sounds are entirely royalty-free, and purchasing the All In One Bundle will gain access to all future updates without needing a subscription.

FTUS has used a range of microphones to capture interesting sounds in extremely high-quality and various ways, including DMS, VR, and Binaural.

For example, they use the Rode NTSF-1 to record in ambisonic, which is perfect if you need sounds for 3D, 360 video, or VR projects.

I probably should get to the price now! You can buy the All In One Bundle for $25, and as an awesome BPB reader, you can get an additional $5 discount using the code bpb.

If you look at the product page, you can hear samples of the sounds and see a list of countries that FTUS visited while recording. It also shows the amount, in GB, of sounds captured in each place, which is pretty cool. Spain, Thailand, and the USA are among the most prolific locations.

For as little as $20, I think it would be hard to go wrong with this vast collection. I’ve heard dogs barking, light conversation, ambient city noise, kids singing, and street performances, and it’s hard to imagine needing a sound you won’t find in this bundle.

Of course, if you want to add that cinematic sheen to your project, you should also check out the Cinematic SFX pack from Flame Sound.

FTUS captured everything in this bundle over five years since 2017, and that’s a lot of time, travel, and attention to detail. Offering all that hard work for $25 ($20 with the code bpb) is epic!

Download: Free To Use Sounds (use coupon code bpb to get everything for $20)


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  1. I think I finally have figured out how to get the mysterious Infected Sounds Sphinx 2 to function. The website is up again, and only those who wants updates need to buy the plugin, it is free to download directly from the site, just scroll down on the release page. The license file is included in the download. The Preset and Banks folders are empty, but I guess they are meant for users making their own

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