FrankCS Is A FREE Channel Strip VST Plugin By Analog Obsession


Analog Obsession releases FrankCS, a channel strip VST plugin for macOS and Windows.

When I say it’s a channel strip plugin, it’s more like four classic EQs in one plugin. If that sounds familiar, it’s because FrankCS is the big brother of FRANK, an EQ plugin that had Analog Obsession bringing together the best frequencies from four vintage EQ modules.

The vintage EQ modules in question come from Helios, Pultec, API, and Neve. If you’ve used FRANK or even seen it, you’ll notice that FrankCS has a more unified image than its little brother.

While the concept behind FRANK was interesting, and the finished article was very well put together, the fact that you couldn’t select frequencies left the door open for a follow-up release.

And here we are! Analog Obsession calls FrankCS the “ultimate analog equalizer,” and it might be, but it’s definitely the ultimate FRANK because now you can select frequencies.

Here’s what FrankCS looks like in numbers:

  • H-Type Low Cut – 20Hz to 800Hz – Variable
  • P-Type Boost/Attenuate – 20Hz to 100Hz – Variable
  • A-Type – Mid Band – 75Hz to 12.5kHz – Variable
  • N-Type – High Shelf – 3kHz to 15kHz – Variable
  • P-Type – High Attenuate – 5kHz to 20kHz – Variable

It also features two selectable Preamps with compensated gain (Solid-State and Tube) and a Compressor with two custom detection circuits (Solid-State and Tube). The Compressor Ratio ranges between 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, and Limit.

The plugin has independent bypass buttons for the EQ and Compressor, and there’s no global bypass.

Oversampling is engaged via the Analog Obsession label.

If you liked FRANK or didn’t get a chance to try it yet, you should give FrankCS a go. Or, even if you’ve never tried any Analog Obsession plugins, you should give it a go (and check out the rest).

While downloading free EQs, don’t forget Voxengo’s TEQ-421, which we covered in September.

FrankCS is available in AU, VST, and VST3 formats for macOS (10.9 0 12.X) and Windows (7,8,10,11).

Download: FrankCS


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Thanks so much Tomislav, BPB & Analog Obsession, much appreciated.
    I am looking forward to using this, it must be awesome like all Analog Obsession plug-ins

    • “Free” from Waves means that you just have to pay a yearly fee if you want:

      – plugin updates.
      – more than one install
      – support

      Additionally, the link above is likely an ‘affiliate link’ that’s been posted.


      If you want free, stick with Analog obsession; a developer respected and celebrated by the entire community.

      • No, that product is not from waves.
        Also, no, waves doesn’t charge for more than one installs.
        And, no, the link isn’t an affiliate link (and you can see it for yourself just looking at the URL).
        Finally, no: it would be really unwise to stick with one developer (Analog Obsession or anyone else) because there are many great developers and he should check them all out (VOS comes to mind).

        It’s beyond my comprehension why anyone would leave a negative comment in response to someone sharing a freebie. Let alone saying this kind of stuff.

        • Zak reacted too fast to Olddogo post (thanks @Olddogo! just grabbed these VIntage Drum breaks) as Oldogo wrote “Waves”.

          But …Waves DOES charge if you want more than one install.
          I had bought several products for them, but was tired with all the paying updates and then discovered I could not use Waves both on my main PC and laptop. (they are ways to do this, if you use a key with your licenses, but with 100% of my other VSTs, I just install them twice, as I have 2 licenses for each buy).

          That being said, I agree with you, why anyone would leave a negative comment on a freebie being shared… no affiliate thing, no strings attached, just pure nice sharing, in the pure BPB spirit which I love! :)

    • Hey guys just want to clear things up. This is not paid or an affiliate link. Waves are jut offering the coupon code to get it for free. So you don’t have to pay anything. The checkout process is done on an entirely non-waves website.

    • Thanks for this hint OLDDOGO, nice vintage vibes, well endowed collection for funky downbeat stuff,
      but it looks like musicians/people here are triggered if the name WAVES comes up….

  2. Still got my eye on these plugs,

    But when you’ve experienced Variety Of Sound’s analog modelling this guy’s so called “analog obsession” still has a long way to go.

    I supposed it should be expected from someone who manages to crank out a new plug-in every month.

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