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SampleScience releases Singing Bowl Renaissance, a free virtual instrument for ambient and new-age soundscapes. It is available as a VST/AU plugin, a Decent Sampler patch, and a Kontakt library.

Singing Bowl Renaissance is ideal for producers looking to get into ambient drone-making, music for meditation, or for experimental music-makers looking for a new sound. The instrument was made via damaged singing bowl recordings, newly restored, and so they are full of natural resonance.

SampleScience’s latest virtual instrument is packed full of 20 presets, from clean angelic tones to eerie drones suitable for horror movie scores. As well as droning, this virtual instrument includes percussive and experimental sounds made with the singing bowl samples.

According to the developer, a “combination of audio engineering techniques has been used to make these singing bowl samples great: spectral repair, adaptive noise removal, and manual retuning. The result is a unique instrument that has a sound of its own.”

Singing Bowl Renaissance includes handy controls, from simple tone controls to filters and LFOs, to completely transform the sound. This also includes ADSR envelopes, glide capabilities, panning, resonance and cutoff controls, and decent-sounding room reverb.

The reverb is adjustable by level, room size, and pre-delay. The pre-delay control can result in some experimental noise making, this combined with some gated filtering could be used to make some very interesting sounds. A delay would have been a nice inclusion. SampleScience may want to consider this for the plugin’s next reincarnation. However, of course, your own delays can be applied.

The LFO can be edited with controls for depth and rate, as well as high and low sculpting. Singing Bowl Renaissance can also be played in both unison and polyphonic modes, as well as a handy ‘legato’ mode for smoother transitions between notes. Legato combined with adjustable glide control makes for a unique sound.

With this level of control, the virtual instrument can become much more than an ambient drone generator. Experimental producers will have fun with this instrument.

Overall, Singing Bowl Renaissance might seem like a one-trick pony, but this isn’t the case. There is a tonne of editing options here to make this instrument sound great, and it is sure to add something interesting and unique to any track. It is available to download for free via SampleScience.

Singing Bowl Renaissance is available in VST and AU plugin formats for compatible hosts on Windows and macOS. Additionally, you can download the instrument as a sound library for Decent Sampler and Kontakt.

Download: Singing Bowl Renaissance


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