Vintage Drum Breaks By Touchloops Are FREE Until October 27th


Waves Audio teamed up with Touchloops to offer the Vintage Drum Breaks (£24 value) loop library as a FREE download until October 27th.

Touchloops is a somewhat niche site for production samples. Unlike the bigger players in the field, they have a definite stylistic approach to their releases. The sample packs have a unique “feel” to them, which is great if you vibe with the kind of sounds they release. The sounds are usually nice and textured while having a clean presence.

This is exactly what the Vintage Drum Breaks sample pack feels and sounds like. It is priced at £24, and right now, it is available for free with a discount code courtesy of Waves Audio.

These types of drum breaks are a great fit for hip-hop productions, as well as chill-hop, downtempo, and other related genres. The pack is complete with fillers and one-shots, all of which are processed using a spring reverb. So they are ready to play if you want to perform live.

Vintage Drum Breaks were crafted using live drumming recordings played by Timmy Rickard. A little bit of research reveals that Timmy Rickard is known for creating these drum samples that are enriched with the live swing and groove of a real drummer. This is what makes the samples so very useful for those who are looking to add that feel to their tracks.

The overall quality of the sample pack is gritty and filled with the texture of high-quality drums and performance, which shows the careful recording done by the folks over at Touchloops. At the same time, the samples are production-ready, with a clear and transparent mix that will sit well into any arrangement that calls for them.

Producers would likely also enjoy chopping up the samples and playing with them to create unusual glitch hop patterns and IDM beats. Having a clean sample to start with always helps these processes.

Of course, the sample pack is not intended for mangling. It has all the marks of being carefully produced to be as authentic and professional quality as possible. Check out the demo on SoundCloud.

The spring reverb definitely adds a nice touch to the overall feel, but it would have been nice to have dry samples available as well. However, for the price of free, these are really great samples to add to your loop library.

Use code Waves100Drums at checkout to get them for free. No payment method is required. Checkout as a guest to make it faster and easier.

Vintage Drum Breaks contains 177 loops and 137 one-shot samples in WAV format. The download size is 420 MB.

Download: Vintage Drum Breaks (FREE with coupon code Waves100Drums until October 27th)


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  1. Peter Dillon-Parkin


    This is a really good set of loops, good enough that I’ll buy more. They came along fortuitously: I have a project that needs something like this and they work amazingly well.

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