ModeAudio releases Vinyl Drums – Vintage Drum Sample (€18.40), a sample pack for retro grooves. Read more about Vinyl Drums below and enter our giveaway for a chance to win a FREE copy of the pack.

Vinyl Drums is a collection of 357 royalty-free vintage drum samples ready to add authentic retro character to your tracks.

There’s something magical about the unmistakable crackle of vinyl that we often try to capture in the digital world. Whether through plugins like iZotope’s Vinyl or sample packs like Vinyl Drums, we seem to love that warm vintage sound.

When I hear that dusty crackle, it’s instant nostalgia. It reminds me of when I was obsessed with early Jazz recordings (not that I own any originals) and makes me think of my favorite Hip Hop producers’ crate-digging for hidden gems.

Vinyl Drums delivers all that analog warmth and nostalgia in its production-ready samples.

The collection includes 70 kicks, 65 Hi-Hats, 60 Snares, 30 Claps, 30 Cymbals, and more. You’ll also get a range of percussion samples featuring Shakers, Toms, and Congas.

As well as the expected drum samples, the pack comes with four Vinyl Crackle Loops, ten MIDI Loops, thirteen ready-to-play Drum Kit Sampler Patches, and four Channel Strip Settings.

We’ve looked at several sample packs from ModeAudio over the past year or so, from Hip Hop to Synthwave, and they always do what they’re supposed to do. This latest addition is no different; it’s gritty at times, crunchy, warm, nostalgic, and most importantly, it grooves hard when you add it all together.

Obviously, vintage Hip Hop, Funk, and soulful classics come to mind, but ModeAudio Vinyl Drums is an excellent way to add character to more modern tracks, too.

Vinyl Drums is the result of tasteful crate digging, layering drum machine sounds, and modern processing.

If you’re in the mood for more retro sounds, check out the free Zumzet Lite from Audiolatry.

WAV files included in this pack are compatible with all major DAWs. A free tester pack is available for download via ModeAudio.

ModeAudio currently has a 3-for-2 offer on all packs, so if you like Vinyl Drums, check out the rest.

The Giveaway

ModeAudio offers a FREE copy of the Vinyl Drums (€18.40) pack to two lucky BPB readers! A big THANK YOU to ModeAudio for sponsoring this giveaway!

To enter the giveaway, simply answer this question in the comments section below: What is your favorite vintage drum break?

The winners will be announced on November 2nd, 2022.

Good luck, everyone, and thanks for reading BPB!

UPDATE: The winners are:

  • OldDoGO (v************@*****.com)
  • 2) Lunchbox: (j***************@*****.com)

Congratulations! :) We will deliver your prizes via email.

More info: ModeAudio Vinyl Drums

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  1. Hey James, i know what you mean, i also love vinyl records, great info 🙏💛😊
    Thank you and BPB & Mode Audio, thanks so much for the opportunity
    Today its James Brown – Funky Drummer
    RIP Janes Brown and RIP Clyde Stubblefield 🙏❤️⭐️💫

  2. Drum break in Marquee Moon (the title track) by Television after the long repetitive build up. Around 9:18 in the song on the album recording.

    • Lyn Collins – Think
      Up there with the amen break imo. 3 usable loops, the most recognised being the “woo..yeah!” (shouted by James Brown) break.

  3. Am I cheating if I say Phil Collins “Air In The Night”? That was the BIRTH of “Gated Reverb”. That sound has been reproduced in so many different genre’s since, it’s unmistakable when you hear it.

    • My favorite vintage drum break, hmm. I’ll go with the one that I make- don’t worry it will be vintage in 70 years 😉

  4. my fav drum break was when my ex girlfriend fell over onto my kick drum as she was leaving the house after breaking up with me .

    • Dear James Nugent,

      I think that the Breakbeat used in the Soul Searcher by Ashley’s Roachclip is the best in
      regards to most versatile and widely used Breakbeat in many music styles over the years.
      There is not a much more recognizable Breakbeat in the history of music.
      Thank You.


  5. I’m old and now have a headache from running way too many songs through my head. Just to make it go away, I’ll go with Amen break also.

  6. After the second chorus of stones’ satisfaction, between no no no and Hey hey hey. Charlie with Mick on the tambourine I’m guessing.

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